Saturday, June 12, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010..

The WORLD CUP 2010 has began people!..


and yes with this you'll know the team I'm supporting.. Italy's unlikely to win again but still I like how Italians play football.. Haha.. It looks like Spain or Brazil are the favorites to win this year..

I watched half of the opening match last night which was between the host country, South Africa and Mexico.. The game ended one all and I planned to watch the next game, France against Uruguay at 2.30am but this didn’t turn out at all.. I felt asleep before the game even started while watching grey's to pass the time..

Oh man.. This cannot happen again tonight.. England vs USA and somehow I’m an anti-England supporter.. So go USA.. Haha.. Don’t hate me England fans.. I know there are some anti-Man Utd fan and so there must exist some anti-England fans hence the justification.. Lol..

Hope that this would be a much more interesting match seeing that the first 2 matches ended with draws.. Never mind, Argentina against Nigeria’s match is before that.. Let see how this goes with Lionel Messi playing.. :)

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