Saturday, June 12, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010..

The WORLD CUP 2010 has began people!..


and yes with this you'll know the team I'm supporting.. Italy's unlikely to win again but still I like how Italians play football.. Haha.. It looks like Spain or Brazil are the favorites to win this year..

I watched half of the opening match last night which was between the host country, South Africa and Mexico.. The game ended one all and I planned to watch the next game, France against Uruguay at 2.30am but this didn’t turn out at all.. I felt asleep before the game even started while watching grey's to pass the time..

Oh man.. This cannot happen again tonight.. England vs USA and somehow I’m an anti-England supporter.. So go USA.. Haha.. Don’t hate me England fans.. I know there are some anti-Man Utd fan and so there must exist some anti-England fans hence the justification.. Lol..

Hope that this would be a much more interesting match seeing that the first 2 matches ended with draws.. Never mind, Argentina against Nigeria’s match is before that.. Let see how this goes with Lionel Messi playing.. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Syai’s Engaged..

Greeting friends,

After a long wait to blog, finally I've the mood to do it.. The first thing I'm blogging about is my close friend’s engagement.. The title says so and the pictures will do the explaining.. haha..

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 079


Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 151

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 195

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 199

All dressed in PINK..

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 240Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 241

The saying goes..

If you cant beat it, might as well join it right?

Good job Syai.. :P

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 272

Syaima's Engagement - Izza's 309

syai_edit 1 On 6 June 2010 my dear friend,

Syaima got engaged!!..

Happy for you gal.. :)