Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run, Swim and Fly a Kite..

Hey friends,

Have you heard of the phrase “you got to learn how to run before you can walk?” Well that’s totally true for me when I experienced it firsthand. An analogy everyone would better relate to is “You are thrown in a pool without knowing how to swim, what will you do??” Do you give up and just drop like a rock to the bottom? Or do you try your hardest to stay afloat in the hope of someone rescuing you. Don’t do either of those? Surprised??

Yea, humans are born with and instinct to survive and think of when babies were born, did someone give them a manual on how to breathe but yet they inhale and exhale anyway. This somehow for me relates to you being dumped in a pool and being asked to survive. Swim and swim I would say. The faster your survival instinct kicks in the better it is for you. Moving forward, learn as much as you can in the quickest time possible for you will never know when you’ll be thrown in the pool or worst the ocean.

Somehow some teachers @ “gurus” @ “cifus” practice this. Their students are placed in situation totally foreign to them and they are forced to survive. But these teachers have an eye on them, willing to help and advice when their pupils are unable to move. A bit of nudging here and there, like how a mother eagle pushes her baby of the nest to teach it how to fly. Wow, it just amazes me how these baby birds are able to fly at first try. Soon enough the pupils will spread their wings and fly on their own. I want to mention few names but none are coming to my head now.

Never think that your teachers have forgotten you and don’t you dare forget them. Imagine yourself as the a kite! Yes a kite! When you are up in the air did you ever think of how you got up so high? Wasn’t it because of the pulling and nudging of the string attached to you, and the effort put into propelling you in the air. This string also symbolizes your safety harness knowing that you are up so high, you still feel safe cause you know there’s someone always someone there for you, holding you and guiding you.

Have someone come to your mind now?? When was the last you thanked and appreciated them?? Well I’m guessing your parents and family are the first to pop in followed by your mentors may it be from your career, sports, school and especially friends.

“The best teacher is yourself because no one knows yourself better then you do..”

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