Thursday, March 4, 2010

Port Dickson Trip..

Hey Friends,

This weekend was nice as I was able to have a getaway from work and just chillax (chill + relax) with friends.. It was one of those weekends we could chillax a bit longer due to Friday being a public holiday.. The six of us, Adrian, Debbie, Sabrina - Deb's sister, Charles, Erica and myself just couldn't wait for this trip which we planned for some time dy (1 week).. Haha.. We were also joined by another cute and adorable she..



Take a look.. Her name is BABY the reason being, Deb couldn’t decide on a name and just started calling her baby for the time being and once Pebbles (from the Flintstone) was chosen, she only responded to baby.. Haha.. So much for choosing a name..


Ok, back to the trip.. We left KL around 3 and reached our accommodation at GLORY BEACH around 430 which we stayed for a few minutes before heading for the beach.. It wasn’t a surprise when we reached the beach, the sand we white and not too bad but the water was just horrible to say the least.. We walked along the beach till we found a spot we could chillax away from the overcrowded beach.. What did we expect on a public holiday? The beaches were closed exclusively for us? How I wish man.. Few of us dared to enter the water which the other watched..


Cleaned up and headed for dinner at what was "suppose to be" one of the best place in PD.. The seafood was nice but there are much better places I’ve been too.. Haha. Nvm not every place can be the best right.. Hehe.. We played MAHJONG, POKER and MONOPOLY DEAL for most of our time there..

DSCF0193 DSCF0226DSCF0188DSCF0219IMG_3046IMG_3026

And Yes Mahjong, I've learned how to play it and I’m not bad at all.. Haha.. Anyone want to play mahjong next time, please do call me yea.. Haha.. I'm kind of addicted to it I guess. Our time was occupied by the cute little bugger as well.. Haha.. The next day we went out exploring for another place to chillax and we found one, AVALON Beach which had way cleaner water then the place before..


Dear Housemates..

DSCF0249DSCF0275DSCF0276DSCF0278DSCF0294DSCF0303DSCF0341 DSCF0324DSCF0320

On our last day, we slept in till it was time for us to "check out" and after which we had some awesome lunch.. It’s called DIRTY MEE.. How did we get to know about this place?? Well, it's all thanks to Charles's GPS which gave us a list of places we could go for food and DIRTY MEE sounds the most interesting of the lot.. So off we went following the GPS to god know where, driving over rough terrains and off roads to reach our destination. But the food was worth it..


What do we call our group?? hurm..


Dirty Mee..

DSCF0425 DSCF0315

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pd very near to my hometown leh!
happy to c u guys enjoy urself!

AlexAlabasta said...

OMG! Baby's beyond cute!!! ((Gerrrraaammm gilaaaa!!!))