Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Air Balloons..


This weekend was an awesome one.. On Saturday my friends and I went to visit the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.. The six of us (James, Peck Koon, Charles, Erica, Xiao Qi and myself) managed to squeeze ourselves in James’s car.. Haha.. This reminds me of times in UTP when there was only one car to travel anywhere.. 6 or 7 wasn’t a problem that time.. haha..

What’s unexpected was that this outing turned out to be a housemates gathering.. We were trying to meet up for some time now and it has never happen due to some sort of reasons la.. Just imagine the 6 of us are always never free the same time.. So yea, we took this chance to name it a housemates gathering as well.. Oh ya, forgot to include the part where we meet Gou Lin which wouldn't be a housemate gathering without him right and Auther as well.. haha.. Enough rambling for now.. PICTURES please!!..:D hehe..




White posers..


Black team..


The Gang..


Who’s looking at the camera??


The pole dancers.. haha..

DSCF0245 DSCF0244DSCF0246DSCF0249

The hot air balloons was nice, the fireworks was spectacular and I especially enjoyed the company~ I was with.. :D


kenwooi said...

sure had fun eh.. too bad i missed the whole event =)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...


yup it was fun.. hehe.. :D

marjeena said...

wah2. malam pun ada ye? ruginya i tak gi.
hey neighbor, bila nak link kan my blog? haahaha

- eRiCa - said...

oiii. why u upload my puffed halfway eating face. ishhhh lol

Charlz said...

john!!!! omg, i thot memang u pronounce wrongly.. mana tau u spell GuoLin's name also wrong.. hhahaha.. now I know why you always call him GouLin.. that's because u really thought his name is spelt like that :D ahahaha

madmal said...

owh. shit. x sempat pegi hari tu.. ruginya...

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

rugi rugi x g mal.. haha.. xpe next year ade lg kot.. haha..