Friday, February 12, 2010

What I Found in Miri..

Hey guys,

I was in MIRI for the 2nd time in the pass 2 weeks.. Both were business trips (meetings from 8-5) and it was pretty hectic man.. But after 5 was fun of course.. Well, I arrived on Monday and departed on Wednesday night..

I’ll start from the end this time.. LOOK what I found in Miri?? I wasn't expecting to meet Adrian there of all places and so did he.. Gaya was flying back to KL for the holidays.. Go INTERGRITY!!.. haha.. Practically the 3 of us were on the same flight.. The others (permanent Miri people dy), Ping Hun and Ira were very good hosts by sending us to the airport and have been ‘layan-ing’ me for the past 3 nights.. Thanks you guys!!.. :D


Ping Hun busy dating..

DSCF0014 DSCF0018DSCF0020

Me, Ira, Gaya & Adrian..

Lets rewind to the night before.. We dropped by a shop for some desserts and followed by bowling just to waste our time.. After which we went for dinner at SAJIAN and I think it has become our favorite place for dinner dy..


DSCF0006 at the end we all sucked bad..

I even got 2 ‘F’s.. I failed bowling??

Rewinding even further now to the 1st day I arrived there.. We couldn't decide where to go for dinner and we ended up picking lots from a few choices.. Ping Hun picked Restoran MUARA and it was the last place he wanted to go.. haha.. Well I just wanted to try their famous NASI LELAPAN and the verdict is --> it was some awesome food man.. You guys should try it if you can.. After dinner we did our usual activity which was playing MONOPOLY DEAL..




Peace out IRA!!.. hehe..

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