Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday Night Out..

Hey Friends,

How was your Friday night? It’s nice to hang out on a Friday night compared to other night I think.. Just because you completed a week of work and looking forward to the weekend and also.. Knowing that the next day is a Saturday and there’s no work and there’s no need to wake up early.. :D


My Friday night was spent with my housemates, uni mates – Charles and Mei Shang.. We decided to go to Dragon-i for dinner, no la actually just me.. But by the time we reached there was about 9.30pm.. Parking was a killer man.. Round round the whole One-U for God knows how long.. It was like the whole PJ was there (over la but that what it seem like anyways)..

Mei Shang = Erica.. haha..


Not sure about the name but I know it’s dish no.37..

I’ve been craving for this “Hot and Sour” Noodle they serve there for some time dy.. After dinner we watched a movie, The Spy Next Door played by Jackie Chan.. The movie was sometimes funny, emphasis on the word sometimes.. haha.. There wasn’t much of cool fighting scenes which I normally enjoy watching with Jackie Chan movies.. Overall I would rate it 2.8/5..


Even here pun she nak blur blur..

Don't ask me what she’s distracted with (like a cat eyeing a butterfly).. haha..

The night wasn’t over yet.. We joined Debbie for some drinks at Royal Oakly (I think that's what it’s called).. haha.. We were chit chatting late till about 3 something and we didn't go back home straight away, instead we went for supper.. As usual, I was hungry gila dy by that time.. :P There’s no stopping me from having food anytime anywhere one I guess..



- eRiCa - said...

OI! mei shang ur head. the name's erica. ish!! lol

"like a cat eyeing a butterfly"
<-- -_-"

nourelain badaruddin said...

hungry gila would appear to be more dramatic if you replace the 'a' with an 'er'.

hungry giler... XD