Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Waste your Chances..

Dear all,

Sometimes I think we waste our words and we waste our moments and we don't take the time to say the things that is in our heart when we have the chance..


Friday, February 12, 2010

What I Found in Miri..

Hey guys,

I was in MIRI for the 2nd time in the pass 2 weeks.. Both were business trips (meetings from 8-5) and it was pretty hectic man.. But after 5 was fun of course.. Well, I arrived on Monday and departed on Wednesday night..

I’ll start from the end this time.. LOOK what I found in Miri?? I wasn't expecting to meet Adrian there of all places and so did he.. Gaya was flying back to KL for the holidays.. Go INTERGRITY!!.. haha.. Practically the 3 of us were on the same flight.. The others (permanent Miri people dy), Ping Hun and Ira were very good hosts by sending us to the airport and have been ‘layan-ing’ me for the past 3 nights.. Thanks you guys!!.. :D


Ping Hun busy dating..

DSCF0014 DSCF0018DSCF0020

Me, Ira, Gaya & Adrian..

Lets rewind to the night before.. We dropped by a shop for some desserts and followed by bowling just to waste our time.. After which we went for dinner at SAJIAN and I think it has become our favorite place for dinner dy..


DSCF0006 at the end we all sucked bad..

I even got 2 ‘F’s.. I failed bowling??

Rewinding even further now to the 1st day I arrived there.. We couldn't decide where to go for dinner and we ended up picking lots from a few choices.. Ping Hun picked Restoran MUARA and it was the last place he wanted to go.. haha.. Well I just wanted to try their famous NASI LELAPAN and the verdict is --> it was some awesome food man.. You guys should try it if you can.. After dinner we did our usual activity which was playing MONOPOLY DEAL..




Peace out IRA!!.. hehe..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monopoly Deal..

Dear Friends,

It’s the new game you can play anywhere and it’s called MONOPOLY DEAL.. No need for any more boards or dices or even hours your time.. This new game I found, not actually sure it’s new but I just recently only started playing it and it’s very fun and exciting.. haha.. With this game, you just need a few friends and place to chill and your set to play it.. It doesn't take up your time also, just a few minutes and you’re done..

20462_275300258481_607878481_3339151_56827_n IMG_0009IMG_5652

So far I’ve been playing this every where imaginable.. Plus it’s super easy to get hooked on it.. Am I right friends??.. I think HASBRO should be paying me for advertising their game man.. haha.. Now I got to know that they are selling these cards at Parkson for only RM 20.. So friends if you see it just get it and trust me you’ll have fun..


This is what is written at the back of the card.. “The fast-paced, addictive card game where your luck can change in the play of a card!..” and believe me it’s so true.. :D

Friday Night Out..

Hey Friends,

How was your Friday night? It’s nice to hang out on a Friday night compared to other night I think.. Just because you completed a week of work and looking forward to the weekend and also.. Knowing that the next day is a Saturday and there’s no work and there’s no need to wake up early.. :D


My Friday night was spent with my housemates, uni mates – Charles and Mei Shang.. We decided to go to Dragon-i for dinner, no la actually just me.. But by the time we reached there was about 9.30pm.. Parking was a killer man.. Round round the whole One-U for God knows how long.. It was like the whole PJ was there (over la but that what it seem like anyways)..

Mei Shang = Erica.. haha..


Not sure about the name but I know it’s dish no.37..

I’ve been craving for this “Hot and Sour” Noodle they serve there for some time dy.. After dinner we watched a movie, The Spy Next Door played by Jackie Chan.. The movie was sometimes funny, emphasis on the word sometimes.. haha.. There wasn’t much of cool fighting scenes which I normally enjoy watching with Jackie Chan movies.. Overall I would rate it 2.8/5..


Even here pun she nak blur blur..

Don't ask me what she’s distracted with (like a cat eyeing a butterfly).. haha..

The night wasn’t over yet.. We joined Debbie for some drinks at Royal Oakly (I think that's what it’s called).. haha.. We were chit chatting late till about 3 something and we didn't go back home straight away, instead we went for supper.. As usual, I was hungry gila dy by that time.. :P There’s no stopping me from having food anytime anywhere one I guess..


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My New Home..

Hey people,

Good evening.. I’ve finally got an internet connection at my NEW place.. Yeah!! Will be able to update my blog more often.. Hope so.. And here are some pictures of my house before moving in.. Tendering stages.. haha.. So that’s all for now.. :P

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom BathroomSmall Room 1Small Room 2

Please ignore the model in the picture.. He doesn't come with the house.. :P

Small Room 3

My Room!!..



There’s a kitchen and it’s even bigger then the one at my house in JB..