Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Back!!..

Hey you guys,

First, I wanna say sorry for being away from the blogging world.. Things kinda been busy lately and I don't have an internet connection yet to blog at my own time.. Now I'm back in JB after a months being away at work.. So far I'm enjoying my working life.. I know it's kinda weird hearing someone saying they enjoy working.. So you guys must be wondering what I've been up too since my last post.. Let's start with Christmas.. Christmas this year was different and fun.. Never mind let the pictures do the talking.. hehe.. Oops.. I can't find it anywhere now..

Next is PIPE 53.. I even labeled this post (PIPE 53) under Holidays, Outings and Trips..
PIPE was super duper fun and I made quite lot of new friends.. Some of the activities I felt it was a bit childish but nevertheless all of us we forced to do and we ended up kinda enjoying it.. For me the best thing about PIPE was the networking, and I have broaden my scope from within UTP friends..

Even so, there are still so many UTPians.. You just cant run away from them..
Just imagine knowing someone for the first time and coming to realize that you been studying in the same uni as that person and not bumping into each other even once during the 5 years I was there.. UTP isn't that big right.. Well enough of me rambling.. They say a picture is worth a thousand words..

Our first day.. All so serious looking..

Group 1..
Group 2..

Community Service Time!!..

Community Service at Ampang..

the aftermath..

More group pictures..

again Group 1..

Group 2..


Banquet Dinner..

Time for some GAMES..
I know all of us enjoyed the games and activities prepared for us.. :D

Yea, Peace Omar..

Bella @ Cool Mom!!.. haha..


Cut banana, cut cut banana..

007 BANG!!..

Look at me.. I'm Tarzan.. :P

Ok.. Someone needs to lose a few kilos..

Swimming Time!!..



Zul, Ping Hun @ Kok, Me, Edwin..

Amnash posing gile.. haha..


First it was Edwin's..

Go Remy!!..
Peel banana, peel peel banana.. haha..

Followed by Remy's..

Candy Bar..


The Famous Chicken Dance..

OWL guy..

Pesa the Dinosaur and Aein the Little Bee..

Miss ya all.. :)


Who's this?? Adrian eh..

I got no idea what we're trying to do here..
Come let's go bowling again guys..

Ping Hun, Debbie and Me..

Dear Zasya..

Which stop is this again??

Enough Sleep everyone??..

Just Random..

and finally yours truly..


- eRiCa - said...

uih. i want all the pics!

Superfluous_Babe said...

love all the pics...
good to know that u had fun kat Pipe. jom bowling lagi?!


rosfadhila said...

john, want all the pics too~! ey, next time pegi bowling roger2 tau..aritu xdpt join :(

Edwin said...

peh.. memories.. memories.. nice.. ;-)
how come got some pictures i tak pernah nampak wan!? hidden folders ker nih!? =)

Moon said...

eh,ble nk lunch same?

Debbie said...

<3 <3

i also wan the pics...
be more efficient la John

Bell said...

i want pics too
i wanna go bowling too
i wanna kick some ass...

and btw, its BELL not bella! lol

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

erica!! we stay that far away from each other right?? haha..

u all, I'll be more EFFICIENT k by passing it in the office.. I wasn't in KLCC these pass few days..

moon : tomorrow free?? haha..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

Bowling someone initiate please.. haha..

v1nx said...

oh my goodness john.. the last pic, u look like some veteran professor giving some talk or wat..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

vin: OK! you didnt have to make me feel even older now.. haih..