Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey Friends,

Sorry, I’ve been missing from my blog lately.. Was in KL for a week, I had to send my confirmation letter to Petronas and had a family holiday at the same time and I was also hunting for a place to stay.. Safe to say that I found one and I feel good about it.. I wanted to blog about last week but didn't have the chance to snap any pictures (camera rosak!!!).. sad sad..

I’ll be starting my working life in a few days time and to be more specific this coming Wednesday (16th).. A weird day to start work right?? I would be working for 10 days before I head for a two week training period in PERMATA, Bangi..

Now I’m busy packing my belongings to bring along with me.. :D I’m some sort excited of what lay ahead of me.. Well, most people tell me to enjoy the freedom before it’s over.. I’ve been enjoying it for the pass five months and now I can say bravely that I’m ready for the next chapter of my life..

I’m going to miss a lot of things here in JB.. My family, church and friends.. Wont be seeing them that often anymore.. Here’s to some sort of a new beginning and a new chapter of my life.. :D


TZ said...

hehehe... welcome to the Polluted Metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur... :p I hope you enjoy your stay in this polluted environment... :p Anyway. all the best to your new job eh~

SJ said...

take care

A smile from SJ =)

wenn said...

good to start right away..

WebSphere Guy said...

good to hear that. enjoy ur honeymoon months of working - usually the first 2 months (or more if its a GLC, haha)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks guys..

philip : 2 months sound about right.. haha.. ya I will.. tc dude!..