Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon Review..

Hey Friends,


NEW MOON is a total romantic movie.. And not your everyday romantic movie, just that humans fall for vampires and warewolfs.. It’s weird how she falls for a vampire and a warewolf when both of them are doomed enemies.. And why does the director have to end the movie like “Will you marry me”?? He think were watching a series (sort of in a way) is it and the next episode is a week away.. Never mind, I’m reading ECLIPSE now..


When I went to watch the movie I was surprise at the crowd that turned out.. It was the premier and the cinema was half empty, maybe it was a late night show but still.. 2012 was even fully booked till 1 am.. So what was wrong with NEW MOON (I think people rather watch how the world was going to end then some pretty vampire love story).. I thought it was going to be packed and stuff but apparently not.. Maybe it happens only in JB?? haha..


And with all the teenagers going gaga over the guys in the movie.. When I was watching, I could hear so many weird weird sound coming from all the girls when Jacob took off his t-shirt and when the wolf pack guys were walking shirtless.. They were going like, WOOOO!! WOW!!.. haha.. It just amasses me sometimes..


Overall I ENJOYED the movie, I think it was better then TWILIGHT.. First of all it was based on the book way more and I like comparing the movie running in my head when I was reading the book with the movie itself.. Not to mention, the vampires and warewolfs.. Who wouldn't want to be one?? haha.. I give a 4/5.. I recommend that you guys read the book first before watching it.. You’ll appreciate the movie better.. :D

I think the movie plays a big role cause it shows what teenagers do when they are heart broken and hope people don't get so obsessed until.. read this blog (is very funny).. or even worst, agree to committing suicide over love and think is right.. Silly shit right, I guess everyone has been through it like a phase of life and when they look back.. They would just laugh at themselves..

Another trailer here..


Charlz said...

I thought the movie was really good and amazing.. i went wanting to look at Alice.. but found myself checking out Jacob (wtf?? i'm a guy!!).. but he's definitely AMAZING!! +___+ oh-no.. mancrush! wakakaka

John Emmanuel Edmund said...
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John Emmanuel Edmund said...

I know.. me too.. Alice Alice Alice.. hope there's more of her in the next one..

enough of guys dy.. mancrush?? wat is this charles.. haha..

wenn said...

that's life..

James said...

I have yet to find too many guys that enjoyed this one...

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