Friday, December 18, 2009

First Week of Work..

Hey Friends,

My first week of work is just over.. Well I had only 2 working days actually.. I started my first day on Wednesday and the week ended on the next day, Thursday.. Wow!! So nice man.. Today is a public holiday and so is the following Friday (CHRISTMAS) and the Friday after that (NEW YEAR)..

So for this year I have four working days in a week.. Yeah!! How I which it was throughout the whole year next year.. I know so fast I’m excited about holidays already plus is was my first week only somemore.. Never mind I’m still getting paid.. So who cares right?? hehe..

I've just started and I don’t know much about what I'm suppose to do yet.. What's my direction in my line of work? Am I lost?? Maybe, for now but I know I'll find it soon enough.. My working colleagues are a funny bunch of people and they do make me feel at home from the get go.. What's my position and what do I do?? I'll rather not discuss it here I guess... hehe.. I don’t intent to mix my working stuff with my blog..

Samuel’s Wedding is tomorrow at Kajang.. Well he's the only other cousin on my mom's side, compared to the 22 which I have on my dad's side.. Samuel is few years older then I and I've not seen him for quite some time dy (maybe 3- 4 years).. Hope I'll be able to take some pictures tomorrow if the camera is repaired.. haha.. There are so many things which I want to blog about but not now.. I've kind of not in the mood to blog.. :(

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AlexAlabasta said...

Dang~! Ur ere oredi? Jom lunch!!!