Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Light Robberies..

Hey Friends,

I'm currently putting up at my Aunt's place in Bangsar for the time being before I move into a place of my own.. When I got back from work the other day, she storied me on a robbery which took place that afternoon at the neighbors place..

Apparently, two guys jumped the fence at the neighbor’s place and broke open the house gate and took the person's jewelry and other valuable stuffs which they could get their hands on.. If this not bad enough, they even stabbed the lady which was sleeping on the sofa and pulled her gold chain from her neck as well.. The robbers then jumped over the gate and took of in a van. What?? Crazy right?? Mine you that this happen at 4 pm in a residential area.. Wow!! Robbers are getting braver and crueler in their demoralizing acts to earn money or for the pleasure of it?? Why did they have to stab the lady?? They could have just taken what they wanted and left right?? Psycho robbers..

Wait, there's more.. In the morning, around 630 am when my uncle and I left for work.. He would drop me of at the LRT station and I would take it to work.. After we left the house, two guys in a van came over and rang the house bell.. They asked the maid to open the gate so they could spray some pesticides.. The maid didn’t know anything about this arrangement and it was so early in the morning.. Confused and all, she called my Aunt to handle the matter with those 2 guys.. My aunt told them that she didn’t call any such pesticide people or anything..

They still insisted and replied by saying my uncle asked them to come over and they used his full name and all.. Wow!! My aunt had their own people who would do the spraying for them.. Soon enough she realized that they weren’t them.. She said she didn’t want and they left in the van after a while.. My Aunt told me that they were so convincingly true, they wore the pesticide uniform and came with the spray canister and hose and all other equipments, you get what I mean..

Robbers are getting smarter or just smart people losing their way in life.. Retrench and can’t find a job they resort to conning people and robbing them instead.. So friends, be careful out there.. Sometimes you may want to help a person to change their flat tire at the side of the road.. This twice if it's a deserted place and if you're alone don’t even think about helping.. I know I may seem bad to say don’t help.. But just be wise and careful who you help.. People are taking advantage of our good will and sympathy we show for them..

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