Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Singapore Zoo..

Hey Friends,

The day after we visited the glass temple, we went to yet another historical site.. Not so historical la but rather a famous one.. Which was the Singapore Zoo.. The Singapore Zoo is just about a 10 minute drive away from the Causeway..

This wasn't my first time visiting this zoo, I had many many years back and I cant remember actually when.. haha.. But this visit had a few first time experiences which you guys will see soon.. First when we reach there it started to rain and we thought to ourselves that it was just going to rain a while and it did.. But then when we started walking a few steps, it poured out again and it was raining heavy from then on..

We decided, this rain is not going to stop us from having a good time at the zoo.. We went and got ourselves a RAIN COAT each.. Woohoo!! Have you known anyone excited to wear a rain coat.. haha.. The three of us (Sharon, Vina and I) were all in green rain coats walking all over the zoo.. The rain stop for a few minutes while our visit there and we were there from 11 am up to 4 pm.. A pretty long time walking around and looking at all the animals..


Now for some pictures.. :D


Look at the rain pouring behind these PARROTS..

IMGP5821 IMGP5822




There I told you, some first time experience for me..

Name : Sharon

Species : Human


I’m in Australia, ya right.. hehe..


Presenting, our RAIN COATS!!..

I got no idea what's Sharon doing here..

This POLAR BEAR lives by seeking attention..

Vain gile man this polar bear..





A black LEOPARD..


Yet another first, INDIAN STAR TORTOISE..

Sharon and Vina..

I kept calling them “kodomo” instead of KOMODO DRAGONS..




We went to three shows and all of them we fantastic.. We started with the POLAR BEAR Show, then the SPLASH Show and lastly the ELEPHANT Show.. My favorite was the Splash Show, because of the Sea Lion performing super neat tricks.. It was very funny to begin with and entertaining as well..


Let play a short game..

How many frogs can you find??


I was almost attacked by this animal..

but I forgot what you call it now..


A RAINDEAR.. I know, you can only see the ASS of

the animal and most of the animals were like this the whole day..



Sharon the tiger is looking at you!!..


Lovely isn't it? How animals imperfection are yet a beauty to behold.. Did you know, there are no specific species of white tigers.. They are a product of genetic defects (inbreeding) of the normal tigers..

By the end of the day, we were dead tired and our legs were painful from walking 5 hours and wet from the rain.. But the whole experience was worth everything.. It was very pleasant to watch the animal not in cages and roam around freely in their own enclosure..



kenwooi said...

nice shots..
i think i've been there.. a long long time ago =)

MJ said...

The zoo looks damn nice.. i like d animals there wei.. manyak2 cantek.. really wish to go thr one day.. nway my roomie gt super excited lookin at d zoo pics.. Like kanak2 like tat.. Nw she cnt wait to go to zoo when she visits singapore.. hehehehe

Kajen said...

hehe.nice pics. n cool zoo too. u shud suggest to put meera oso thr.i tink she will luv it.hehehehe. :P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

kajen : ya your right.. and sangari can be her roommate there too.. haha..

meera : will recommended you both yea.. what enclosure you want?? hehe..

Raymond said...

I only spotted one frog, lol...
hey, that animal which attacked u looks like the King Julien in Madagascar, haha... XP

wenn said...

we were there 2 yrs ago and we didn't have enough time to explore..

foongpc said...

Hi, first time here. Looks like you have a great time at the zoo! I love Singapore Zoo! Been there a few years back. Feel like going there again! : )

TZ said...

I heard Spore Zoo is the best Zoo in South East Asia... But i been there once when i was very young. Maybe it's time to re-visit the Zoo.

Let's go to the ZOO, that's lotz of thing to do... blah blah blah :p

arelong said...

john ur pics make me feels covet and eager to spend time there some day(tggu keje pet dulu,baru ade duit)..heheh..wut a nice trip!~

john said...

raymond : there are actually 4 frogs.. hehe.. yup2.. it looks like king Julian..

wenn : very true, you'll need at least 4-5 hours to complete everything there..

john said...

arelong : jom ar.. blh aku jd tour guide.. haha..

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