Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Outing from Sitiawan to Genting..

Hey Friends,

On Saturday, the MIC click and I went for an outing to Sitiawan.. There was 7 of us which were Kajen, Meera, Damo, Suthan, Robert, Sangari and me.. The first evening we checked in a hotel at Lumut.. The first thing we did was to prepare our supper.. haha..


Damo locked out the room.. haha..

Seriously, we had to call the owner to open the door..

We cooked some pork peratal, cheese dip and potato salad.. Yes, we cooked in the hotel room with a multi cooker.. haha.. Then after preparing the food, we went out for some Ikan Bakar.. We had our supper and “chit chat” all night long.. It was so funny and fun to hang out with them again..

Masak-masak time.. hehe..


We checked out the next day and went for lunch where we planned for the day.. We finally decided to head for Teluk Senangin.. Well, for what?? Firstly for fishing and secondly to fly kites.. Yes, we do still play kites.. haha..


Bought “some” rambutans..

Then after a very “successful” fishing session.. :D We went to Secret Recipe for dinner where we planned again on what to do next.. I think no one wanted the fun to stop and head back to UTP straight.. Robert suggested going to Genting for fun thinking no one would be game for it.. Well, everyone was game for it and we headed for Genting except for SUTHAN..


Hardly 10mins and it got stuck..


Budak Subang so happy.. haha..



All we caught were only blowfishes..

These fishes sibuk only right Sangari??.. haha..

We were there for a few hours and left Genting in the early morning because they had to get back for class.. Yes, these people were so dedicated to get to their classes.. If it was me, I would have most probably gone to sleep as soon as I reached the room.. hehe.. So that's all for my weekend with my friends.. :D


A very nice site.. So cooling in the morning..


cathenclox said...

nanged u..

did u already graduated?
all i can see , is holiday in u~ haha

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yup.. in july actually.. I went back to hang with my friends.. hehe..

MJ said...

Wei... The weekend was awesome... But i do feel u intentionally left out a tiny bit of info... lol.. PnC rite.. :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

MJ?? Kajen ka?? haha..

Kajen said...

haha.not me la wei.btw jon, MAN U LOST! heehhehehe

Gabriel said... happening one. LOL. travel everywhere ah....

MJ said...

Its me la john.. Meera.. :)