Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Wart..

Hey you all,

A plantar wart is a wart caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) occurring on the sole or toes of the foot.. HPV infections in other locations are not plantar.. Plantar warts are usually self-limiting, but should be treated to lessen symptoms (which may include pain), decrease duration, and reduce transmission.. – WikipediaWhat do you mean by MAY?? May include pain??

I had a undergo a minor surgery yesterday.. NO!! It wasn’t a hair transplant.. and NO!! It wasn't any nip or tuck stuffs all.. I had a 5 cent size hole cut out of my foot.. If you don't believe me you should anyways cause I have some pictures.. hehe..

The following pictures contains nudity, sexuality, violence and gross images.. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED..








After yesterday’s surgery..


Today’s dressing session..


Sorry for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, what you’re eating now or going to eat soon.. :D I have to go for dressings everyday for a week man.. haih.. Thank God for pain killers.. :D


Charlz said...


HPV eyh? luckily not HIV LOL!!!

wenn said...

oh dear..hv a speedy recovery..

WanSin said...

omgg must be very painful :( get well soon!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...


ya right Charles.. HIV from walking around.. haha..

Kajen said...

fck dat is huge!.get better.stop drinking 2 much.hehe

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

kajen : how does drinking got to do with that la dude??? hahaha..

v1nx said...

yea the HPV at first glance looked like HIV.. (hi-5 charlz :P).. hw can u bear to look at it man.. looks like a red (black) hole.. aish... mz b painful.. gosh gosh.. get well dude :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

vinod : bear to look at it.. look je lor.. haha.. while the doc was cutting it, I didn't feel any pain.. but after wards..