Sunday, November 8, 2009

Farewell Night..

Hey Friends,

Continuing from where I left of, my previous post titled (Back in UTP).. Most people got the wrong message and thought that I was back in UTP few days ago.. Yes I was there but that was like a week ago.. Ok we got this out of the way..

Last Friday marked the beginning of my super fun weekend with my friends in UTP.. It started with breakfast with Azam and Syaima.. Then towards evening I joined my friends playing futsal and it reminded me how much I missed playing football with all of them.. Football is not the kind of sport that you can play by yourself isn't it.. I hardly get the chance to play any in JB these days..

At night my time was occupied with Farewell Night July 2009 at COP Tronoh.. The theme for that night was sports and everyone had to come with their sports attire.. The church was decorated like a sport carnival.. Now let the pictures do the talking..


People who are graduating and going for internship..


Some Games..


Sharing Sessions..




Group pictures..


My Batch, JAN 05..


My ex-roommates.. :D


Farewell Night was over around 11 but the night was still early for most of us especially me.. We went to mamak for supper and afterwards a trip to another mamak known as McD.. Finally there was only 9 people who were able to join the short trip to Sitiawan.. :D


Played cards and just talked till early morning.. :D


Everyone of us was tired but enjoyed the fellowship so very very much and that's all for Friday night.. Saturday was a day spent in Lumut and that’s coming up next.. :D


xox `Lyng` xox said...

omgggg that pig picture. =.=

tirza said...

great great fellowship! :D

Raymond said...

which reminds me, expect another sleepless night when John's around... XP

v1nx said...

it was gud to have u bak :)

wenn said...

wow..u had a fun farewell nite..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

raymond : sleepless nights are common man.. hehe..

vinod : yup2.. it was good to be back a week.. haha..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

wenn : yup2.. like everything else that week.. it was just fun.. :D