Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eagles in Love..

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READING, I’ve been doing that quite a lot lately.. And I wanted to share this interesting bit with you guys..

But now ask the beast, and let them teach you; and the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you.. –Job 12:7-

God says, to learn from the beast and the birds. And one of God’s marvelous creatures we can learn from is the majestic eagle.. The magnificent appearance and awesome skills of the eagle are often used by God to symbolize important truths to His people..

These eagles can grow so large to have a wide span of fourteen to fifteen feet and an average weight of thirty pounds.. Because of its immense size, the eagle has been widely used as a symbol of power, freedom and greatness.. It also represents beauty, grace and confidence. The eagle is the King of the birds.. Here, it is seen to master its surroundings where it soars gracefully and flies above lofty mountains though scorching sun and turbulent storms..

The eagles speaks of someone who is the master of his environment and who is in control of his situation.. He is someone who has the ability and power to rule and live above his circumstances even in the midst of storms and trials..

It’s interesting to note how eagles fall in love.. The two birds begin their courtship way up in the heavens.. The female will pick a stick with her talons and fly over the hills and mountains looking for a prospective mate.. As soon as she spots a male eagle that she likes, she will drop that stick to where he is.. If this male eagle wants to respond to the female, he will then fly into the sky and stretches out his feet to seize the stick.. He will glide towards the female eagle and return the stick to her.. He then dives down and resumes his place..

The female will continue circling the air with that stick and drops it again.. The male will see the stick falling and if he is interested in her, he will once again reach out into the sky, catches that stick and sends it back to her.. This spectacular gesture is repeatedly demonstrated for each to know that they are responding to one another..

After which, they will both fly high into the sky and grapple with each other’s talons.. They will enfold each other and from thousands of miles up in the heavens, they will come tumbling down.. And just before they hit the ground, they let loose of one another and again soar upwards.. Cool right..

This is a picture of how eagles mate.. They mate in the sky.. And their lovemaking, their fulfillments, their flight and joy are abound in heaven and not on earth.. Eagles mate for life.. A change of mate takes place only at the death of one or the other.. They are faithful until death..

This courtship symbolizes our love relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God, who lives in heaven.. Here, Jesus drops a stick (the Cross) and we who were down below saw the cross and took it.. We received and embraced his love.. He came down and He took us up to be with Him, to mate with Him, and to be in love with Him.. And as we respond to God’s love, we are able to come to Him and through Him.. .. ..

“I am the way, the truth, and life; no one comes to the Father but through Me..” –John 14:6-

The Eagle In You by Henry Ramaya..


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