Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chit Chat Sessions..

Hey friends,

I was on the road for a week and it all started when I got a call to attend a chit chat session with Crude Oil Group, Petronas.. The chit chat session didn't turn out as how I expected it to be and few days later I got an email stating that my application with them was unsuccessful.. Never mind I’m still patiently waiting for the next call.. :D

Then after the chit chat session with Crude Oil Group, I had another one with Muggles.. haha.. This one turn out to be way better then expected.. Charles, Izza, Malini and myself were already in KLCC and the bunch of us decided to hang out at Madam Kwan’s.. We took our seats at 5.30pm and only left around 10 I think.. Anis joined us about a few hours later, due to coming from her working place all the way in Damansara..


It was less then a month since I saw them (Raya Convoy 2009) and we still had loads of stories to share with one another.. The best part was that we were talking and talking and didn't notice how fast the time passed.. The next thing we knew, Madam Kwan’s was getting empty and we were one of the last ones there..

We wanted to snap a picture of all of us together to remember that night.. We attempted a few but finally we got a nice one.. hehe.. Then we said our good byes and off to our homes.. So that’s all for Tuesday..