Friday, November 6, 2009

Back in UTP..

Hey Friends,

To continue from where I left of, LAST Wednesday and Thursday was quite quiet for me seeing what I have done the whole week.. On Wednesday Charles, Anis and I meet up again at IKEA food court for dinner and was joined by Isaac Wong as well.. :D Our initial plan was to catch a movie but there wasn't any movie playing at 9pm.. So we just chit chat some more.. hehe..

Then it was getting late and all decided to go back because it was a working day the next day.. Chilled at Charles’s place and was watching some videos before going out again for supper at MURNI’s.. But this time Charles didn't follow, I was accompanied by my friend Artishah.. Well this day was all about eating my favorite food, Ikea’s Daim Choc Cake and Murni’s stuffs.. :D

The next day I drove to Ipoh with my Aunt and cousin, Kevin.. Towards evening I meet up with Kajen and Meera and finally got to see Kajen’s NEW car, WTC.. Crazy ar, now everyone in MIC click has a car in UTP.. haha.. Then we got back to UTP and at night we (MIC click) had a “catch up session” at the V4 car park.. It was just hilarious and reminds me of old times.. :D That’s all for Wednesday and Thursday..


kenwooi said...

welcome back to UTP! =D

cathenclox said...

welcome back too~

wenn said...

sure feel good to be back..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

hey guys.. I'm not back in UTP la.. It was last week.. I'm back home now, JB.. hehe..