Monday, November 30, 2009

2012 Review..

Hey Friends,


This time I’m going to keep it short.. A friend of my gave her version of the movie and it was actually an accurate review of it..

“We’re all screwed (all the Indians die),

Chinese rule the world and,

Africans live forever ”

Does this sound right after you watch this movie?? For me I thought the movie was just a bit too much right, how the family escaped the with the limo from the earth quake and in the plane from all the falling buildings..

2012-movie-wallpaper-09102 2012 Plane2012articleLarge

WOW, They could just escape everything right??

One word to describe it, OVER!!!.. It was like watching a Tamil movie where the Hero is virtually indestructible kind of thing.. But there was an up side to it, I liked the graphics of movie.. I thought it was cool enough.. I finally gave it a 3/5..

Watch the trailers HERE..


joe said...

hey bro. i agree with u man. hahaha. damn over la wei. my blog oso kutuk the thing kaw2

v1nx said...

yup yup.. as indian, i felt frustrated man.. haha! vijaykanth oso kalah with the never-die hero.. he shd have died so much earlier~

wenn said...

i watched it..kind of entertaining..

Livvy said...