Saturday, October 3, 2009

What’s Wrong??..

What’s wrong with this?? Singapore are you seriously sending her to represent your country?? Seriously?? Wow, I was shocked when I watched this.. First I thought that people were over exaggerating but it’s an understatement man.. It was somehow embarrassing for me to watch it.. No disrespect to this lady but I felt the judges most definitely and could have made a better decision.. I guess after watching this your as puzzled as I am at this moment.. @_@ haha..


Rors said...

believe me there are much worse candidates here in the philippines who surprisingly get the crown and move on to represent the country in international pageants. but anyways, LOL! i laughed at the video you posted. nice blog you have here, btw. :)

wenn said... lies in the eyes of the beholder..

WongSF said...

Maybe it's because of you that she is strip of her title.