Sunday, October 4, 2009

Washing Machine Story..

Hey friends,

Thought of sharing with you and letting you know how oblivious some people can be in life.. Lets just name the characters, Robert – R and Suthan - S.. Robert and Suthan have nothing to do with this story but just for fun.. :D

R: Suthan!!! (shouts his lungs out), I'm doing laundry..

S: Why are you doing the laundry?

R: Cause the maid wont..

S: Oh ok.. Do you have any idea on how to do the laundry?

R: You wash it and you dry it, how hard can it be?

S: Then WHY do you need me for?

R: Which one is the washing machine?

S: (a huge smile on his face).. That one, (pointing to the washing machine)..

R: Thanks..

S: Just kidding, it's that one.. (pointing to the dryer).. (looking at each other, Suthan laughs)..

S: Sorry, its the first one..

R: (Robert looked annoyed at Suthan)..

S: Look it say wash on the dial.. (pointing to the washing machine)..

R: Ok.. I can do it, I will just turn it on and stick it in..

S: It's a washing machine, not a cocktail waitress..

S: Lets start by separating the delicates..

R: How is that not like a cocktail waitress?

S: Charming, hand me the detergent..

R: (takes a bottle)..

S: No no no, that the fabric softener.. You put that in AFTER the first cycle..

R: (Robert looks at a few bottles and the washer again and again and says..)

R: You know what? Maybe I'll just buy some new clothes..

S: Don't be such a baby.. Takes the detergent.. (pours the detergent in)

S:(Suthan, winds the machine and explains) Put it to cold wash, cold rinse and gentle cycle and turn it on.. DONE!!..

R: (hears the water going in and asks).. What’s that?

S: That would be water entering the washing machine..

R: Robert goes, "AMAZING!!!"

S: Yea it's pretty cutting edge..

R: What will they think off next? (innocent looking face)

S: Yea I hear scientists are working on a machine that can cook 2 pieces of bread at the same time..

R: Yea yea very funny.. Now what?

S: We wait..

R: How will we know when the clothes are done?

S: Don't worry the machine will call you on your cell phone
(answering him sarcastically)..

R: REALLY?? (Robert had an amazement and innocent look on his face again)..

S: (looks at him with a “ARE YOU SERIOUS” kind of face and walks away)..

R: I cant see what's the maid complaining about.. It's kind of fun..

After a few minutes later.. The maid walks in a asks who using the
washing machine?

R: I am, its not that hard.. (Robert explains to the maid).. The cold wash, cold rinse and gentle cycle..

R: (Robert’s phone rings).. That’s probably them now.. (he picks up his phone and goes)..

R: HELLO!! Oh, Hey mom.. Thought you were my washing machine..

The maid’s jaw drops till the floor in disbelieve.. haha..


kenwooi said...

lol.. Robert is so innocent! =P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. he's blur more like it..

iriene said...

Hahaha, how I wish I got a new washing machine right now. If not,
the maid also canlah...LOL
My washing machine spoilt nearly one year already! Btw, 'wash' the nuff ads edi :)

Do drop by when u r online. Do keep in touch! Cheers!

ainsuffian said...

john!! this story is funny =)
makes me laugh & forget about the water problem.. hehe..

wenn said...

haha..he really thought there would be a washing machine call..

Anonymous said...

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suthan said...

idiot..suka ati sell my name and roberts...and ain't this scene from two and a half men...

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yup yup.. exactly.. that's y la i use your names.. both of you je would remember this scene one.. haha..

Kajen said...

patut la so familiar..haha