Thursday, October 22, 2009

Siblings’ Birthday Dinner..

Hey you all,

Last Sunday, my family and I went to Gianni’s Trattoria Restaurant & Cafe for our birthday dinner.. I used the word “our” cause we celebrated not only my birthday but also two of my siblings as well that night.. My sister, Abigail’s was on the 26th of Sept and my brother, Hebron was on the 10th of Oct.. This has been like a family tradition we do on our birthdays, not everyone is at home at the same time always.. :D

Gianni’s is very famous for their fine dinning Italian cuisines.. The food is just so super awesome mouth watering, that’s how good it is.. Everything look and taste great (depending if you know what to choose.. hehe..) from the appetizers to the entree’ to the deserts..


Our food that night..

What I ate?? Take a look.. hehe..


Sea-bass with Seafood..


Cheese Cake with Caramel Banana..


kenwooi said...

nice celebration..
food looks good =)

wenn said...

happy birthday..