Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raya Convoy 2009..

Hey guys,

Last Sat, I was down in KL and went to my friends open house for Raya.. We been planning this “Raya Convoy Trip” for quite sometime dy and it did happen.. Well who were the people involved that day, Charles, Kajen, Malini, Hannah, Syaima, Azam, Izza, Hanif, Mai, Pudin, Mashin, Ihse and both Ain’s.. hehe.. Come lets take a look..

To be more specific, we visited 4 houses.. Starting from Syaima’s house at Subang to Ain Nabilah’s at Kota Kemuning to Azam’s at Gombak and ended our Raya Convoy trip at Ain Suffian’s at Sentul..

First at Syaima’s house we had Nasi Kerabu and Spaghetti.. I think I paced myself quite well I think.. I ate a lot but not until maxed out.. Had to think of the other 3 houses I was going to visit next.. haha.. The Nasi Kerabu was quite awesome..

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Syaima’s house..

Then after our lunch (I would consider it my breakfast), we headed to our next destination which was Ain Nabilah’s place.. All of us convoyed in 3 cars that day.. None of us knew where she stayed but got there with no difficulties at all due to Charles GPS.. :D There was also Nasi Kerabu served at Ain’s place and Mihun Soup.. I went for the Mihun Soup knowing that I just had rice.. The soup was good too.. :D

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Ain Nabilah’s house..

I consider it my lunch and after which we headed to town to pick up Izza and continued our journey to Azam’s house.. We had Asam Pedas Fish, Chicken Rendang, Prawns and Mix Vege.. No avoiding rice here.. The Asam Pedas Fish was so good that I even had second helpings.. So much for a well paced eating plan right?? haha.. Oh ya, after that Azam brought out “Mee Siam” (not Malini).. :P


A short nap..


Azam’s house..

All of us was exhausted and just too full to move any further.. We killed some time by watching some video of us few years back when we were in Uni (I’ll upload these videos when I get a chance too).. I know it has been just a few months out of Uni but it seems like a long time ago..

What I remember most was Charles mentioning “By the time we see this right, going to be maybe after we graduated dy la” in one of the videos.. I was laughing my head off and felt kind of sad a bit to leave all those times behind.. But I know there’s going to be many more in the future.. :D

Lastly, Ain Suffian’s house (for dinner??).. I had some Mee something (forgot what you call it).. It was good too and not to mention the cakes and “kuih muih”.. My favorite was the Chocolate Moist cake, it was simply awesome.. I couldn't stop myself from having slices after slices of it.. Ain’s younger siblings were fun to watch, the youngest is 4 years old and Ain just graduated.. Tell me about age gap?? hehe.. :)

IMGP1241IMGP1251 IMGP12557528_154119163536_572153536_2467848_3827050_n 7528_154119173536_572153536_2467849_7799704_n 7528_154119188536_572153536_2467852_2960576_n

Ain Suffian’s house..

Yes we took pictures in front everyone’s house..

After a fun fill day, it was time for me to get back home.. Charles sent me to the bus station at Bukit Jalil and I think they should really consider of having a permanent bus terminal there.. So that's all for this, UTP Raya Convoy 2009 trip.. THE END.. Till our next trip, Penang (hopefully:P)..

I felt as though we were driving non stop for an hour plus plus from one corner of KL to another.. But it was worst it.. The friends and fellowship was just so good, reminiscing and laughing on our times in uni and please don't get me started again on the superb food that day.. I enjoyed all of it man..


wenn said...

wow..that's nice..

syaima' said...

worst ke worth john? hehehe.

Hannah said...

penang mari.. hehe~~

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

of course la worth.. typo2.. hehe..

penang.. yes penang.. bile ni syai?? hehe..