Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Golfing Experience..

Hey Friends,

Yesterday I was reminded by Isaac of a funny golfing experience we had.. The story went like this, one fine evening Uncle Clarance, Isaac and myself went to a driving range to practice on our golf.. We’ve done this many times before and apparently this story was our last.. haha..

Everything was fine that day, we were hitting the golf balls quite ok and most of it went quite a distance.. Then when I got the hang of hitting the golf balls with a 6 or 7 size golf stick, I wanted to try to hit it even further.. I had to use a driver (which is a 1 size golf stick, the heaviest) if I wanted any chance of it going more then 200 yards..

I got my WISH – I managed to use the driver to hit the golf ball the furthest I’ve ever hit it.. It reached almost 400 yards I think.. Not only did I hit the golf ball but the driver also went as well, it flew a good 50 yards on the field.. I went like “OPSSSSS…” I turned back and saw Uncle Clarance and Isaac running away to hiding themselves.. Then I realized why..

It was a two story driving range, there is a top and bottom section to hit the golf balls.. I was at the top section (luckily there was no one else on the top section but us..) Every other golfers were at the bottom section and they all stop playing to looked up.. All of them gave a “which dumbass let go of his driver” look.. Embarrassed to the max I had to walk pass the other golfers and meet the person in charge or the caddy I think to help me retrieve the driver..


You know that guy asked me something even more funnier, “Which driver is your sir?” I was amazed at his response and laughing on the inside said the size and the brand of it.. I was like huh?? There are other drivers or golf sticks on the field?? My embarrassment level wasn't that high anymore, I wasn't the only one.. haha.. I guess this is the reason we don't do sports(golfing) anymore or maybe we just didn't have the time.. haha..



wenn said...

haha..that's quite an experience..

Livvy said...

LOL! I never do that, but my bro did that and my dad too. Worse was my dad's case cos his driver got dented and it almost hit his friends

arelong said...

haha lawak john, lawak..nseb mase maen bola ko x penah tercabut boot masuk goal,hahaha

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

Olivia : got dented.. gila man..

Arelong : haha.. If my boots masuk goal then I would have at least scored a goal right?? hahaha..