Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why is it Raining?..


If a kid comes up to you and ask you, Why is it raining?? What would you say?? Next time if it happens to you.. Have you tried answering the kid with, “because God is crying” and see the kid’s respond.. Then if the kid is still persistent and ask you, Why is God crying?? Just let the kid know, “God’s crying because of you”.. Ever thought of trying this on adults?? haha..

I think after that you would have traumatized the kid or even make the kid wonder what he/she did.. Some people tell their kids, it’s because the frog was calling for the rain to save them and what other nonsense stories just to keep the kid from bugging them.. This is a famous one, “it’s raining because you’re singing”..

In some parts of the world, people are praying for rain and I know some people who just complains when it rains.. Have you heard of people telling it was a bad day cause it was raining when you asked then, How was your day?? Who ever said that rain was bad?? Ever thought of this.. You could only see a rainbow after it rains, isn't??

Well the moral thing is that, how would you know you’ve improved or learn something if you’re not faced with problems or difficulties to make you stronger and wiser.. Think of the rainbow ahead, when you’re faced with problems and there’s no way out and your so despaired about it.. There’s always a way out, you just got to know where to look..

Another true story, once i was cutting my fingernails at night, then some one comes up to me and said, you cannot cut your fingernails at night.. I asked back la, Why?? You know what the response was?? Because my mom told me it’s bad or bad luck to cut your fingernails at night.. I was like, “huh?? you’re serious ar??” Why must you be so ignorant about this??

I told that person la, for all you know, last time our grandmother or great grand mothers didn't have lights or good enough lighted place to cut and they must have mistakenly cut their fingers in the dark or some accidents must have happen and thought it would be good to tell a story to their children to not do the same.. And their children pass it on to their children and their children’s children and not knowing the reason why..

Have you ever encounter some one like this?? or if you’re this person, sorry la but please think a bit before believing every single thing people tell you.. Breaking mirrors la, black cats la, opening an umbrella inside a house and you know where I'm getting at..

Next time if you think of answering the kid with some “dongeng” or grandmother stories or nonsense, please think twice.. Don't teach the wrong thing and mislead people.. Would you like it if some one does it to you?? and you go about and tell people what someone told you and go like “that person told me so”, without asking why..


wenn said...

that's superstitious..

Charlz said...

Good post Johnboy X) hehehe~

cathenclox said...

haa.. now i knew why old people didnt allowed cutting fingernails at night.. haha..
pantang larang things sometimes make me sick,urgghh!
hmm.. tats true.. i hope,i will tell the truth also to my next generation!
hope they will not mistaken like us! :)~

Joanna's Thinking said...

tat's very true u know ... till now one of the aunty that i know still believe like tat . so superstitious ... aiyoyoy ..
i enjoy this blog post ! thnx

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yup2.. what to do people just want to believe in superstitious.. and whats worst is that.. they think something bad is going to happen to them that anything bad happens to them they take it as bad luck.. the fear of that thing not happening to them cause it to happen.. haha.. I don't know if i make any sense or not..

cathenclox : don't hope to tell the truth.. Just tell the truth to them only.. if you start to break all this superstitious then your children children will not know of this all.. true not??