Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ugly Truth Review..

Hey friends,

The movie is an explicit romantic comedy that will make you laugh till the end.. It’s just so funny.. The movie is called “Kebenaran yang Pahit” in bahasa.. See you guys, before the movie began I started laughing dy.. Well I watched it with Davin, Michelle and my family.. haha.. So please, you guys/girls must watch it and please don't watch it alone.. Bring someone your opposite sex along.. I give it a 3.8 / 5 rating..

First Katherine Heigl as Abby is a control freak working as a TV show producer.. Just imagine she goes on a date and brings a paper on interesting topics to talk about on a date and passes a copy to her date, like a guideline some sort and what’s even worst, she does a background check on him too.. Gila man.. But she looked pretty hot in the movie.. I’ve been a big fan of Katherine Heigl since Grey’s Anatomy, being my favorite character.. hehe.. :D

Next Gerard Butler as Mike on the other hand is just showing the world what every guy think and wants, which is just practically sex from a relationship on his TV show called “The Ugly Truth”.. Hence The Ugly Truth poster, ladies love with their heads and guys with their dicks..


One night Abby stumbles across a TV show called “The Ugly Truth” and think that the show is just full of crap and decides to give Mike, the show host a call.. Abby describes the perfect guy and Mike thinks it’s far fetch to be true..


Then another night Abby found her self on a tree, trying to save her cat and meets her prince charming, Colin.. He was like everything she wished for, I thought in the beginning Colin was placed there by Mike to prove something.. Apparently I was wrong.. hehe..

Colin thinks she’s a bit weird based on first impression and doesn't want to pursue her.. Then Mike steps in and wants to help her to get Colin to prove his point (that guys are attracted to hot girls only) and if he succeeds Abby will work happily with him and if it doesn't work he’ll quit..

So the adventure, comedy and romance take a higher turn.. I’m not going to spoilt the ending for you all.. But it’s a happy ending, so all of you know what it means la.. hehe.. Another thing is that, she needs to thank her cat cause the cat showed her the TV show (The Ugly Truth) and also Colin, the guy next door.. haha..

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wenn said...

that sounds interesting..

Hannah said...

aaaaa...wanna watch it sooo badly~`

kenwooi said...

great movie!
hilarious! =D

Atul said...

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John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks atul..

Movies All Time said...

What a fun movie! Don't pay attention to the critics - they need to just go and enjoy a movie sometimes. If you don't like crude, sexist humor, then don't go see this movie. However, if you can relax and just go watch a movie, then you will enjoy this one. The entire theater was rolling with laughter during this movie. This movie was a mix of romantic and slapstick humor with a little bit of crudeness thrown in for fun.