Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orphan Review..

Hey you all,

The Orphan was about a family adopting a 9 year old Russian girl from an orphanage.. In the beginning the girl (Esther) seemed sweet and nice like any 9 year old would.. I thought it was your typical horror movie where the girl would manifest into a ghost or the girl was already dead or something like it.. But apparently the movie had a twist to it..


Well I felt the movie was very good.. The children in the movie acted it out so so very well.. Especially the main character of the movie, Esther.. and also not to put it pass Max, a 5 – 7 year old kid with hearing disabilities.. They really made me believe them through out the whole movie..


They weren't happy in the end..:P


So for those who are scared of watching ghost movies, you guys don't need to be afraid of this one and you should watch it.. It’s not scary at all.. Seriously.. But the movie was crazy, creepy and tormented in it’s own way in the end I feel.. I wouldn't put it pass me that people like this do really exist in the world..


Very good acting from the both of them

(Isabelle Fuhrman & Aryana Engineer)..

All in all I would give it a 4/5.. The movie was something different from the norm plus I liked the kids acting.. So if you guys don’t believe me that it’s really good, then you should have a look at the trailer..

It says “you’ll never guess her secret” and yes you wont be able to until you reach the end of the movie only.. And here’s another clip..


Charlz said...

John! what's with the 2nd clip? like xde kene mengene oni with the movie? >.<

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

I know, just only realize.. I took it out dy.. Stupid ar.. I pasted the link but something else came out.. haih..

xox `Lyng` xox said...

haha. orphan is good. seriously.

isabelle and aryana potrayed their characters friggin well.

joe watched the movie twice weh. haha

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yup2.. it is good indeed.. I wouldn't mind leh to go watch it again.. haha..

Hannah said...

urghh.. wanna watch.. more spoiler pls.. LOL~` what happen in the end?? what's her secret??

Anonymous said...

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