Monday, September 21, 2009

Old School Food Trip..

Hey guys,

It’s another food trip with Ms. Foodie, Sharon John.. hehe.. Sharon, Isaac and I have been planning to travel down to Melaka just for the sake of food but we didn't even managed to travel out of JB this time.. Finally we ended up at JB town and was joined by my sis, Aby.. She’s back for the Raya holidays.. :)

Our food trip was suppose to include breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner but we managed to do 1 of those only.. haha.. The great thing about this food trip was that we didn't plan that much on it but eventually it had a theme.. So does many other spontaneous plans that we do..

We plan it last minute and just go with flow and no one has enough time to come up with any excuses to ffk from the plan or anything.. Plus we don't expect to much from the trip and we ended up enjoying more then if we to plan and come up short.. OK.. I’m talking nonsense dy..

Well for breakfast we went to a “Kopitiam”, a rather old school looking shop in the middle of town called Restaurant HUA MUI.. The breakfast was above average for me.. I wasn't in the mood to eat, I know this is surprising for some of you who knows me.. I just had 2 half boil eggs, a toast , a coffee and and and that's all.. haha..


But the shop was constantly full of people especially people from Singapore.. haha.. I will return to this shop again for their lunch specialist another time.. It look very good thought..


We talked and we talked until 12pm just to kill time, so that we could go to our next destination which was like 50m away called Kafeteria Roost.. WOW! The design of the shop was so unique and old fashion from the furniture to the accessories to the murals on the walls.. Something refreshing for me from the norm..

IMGP5252 IMGP5237

I was just looking through all the old thing they still kept for display purposes and was able to reminisce on my childhood.. I saw games I used to play when I was still in primary school.. But all of us was to full to order any food and decided to just chill out and ordered their juices.. I though the juices was pretty awesome, a mixture of fruit juices with yogurt.. Now I’ll let the pictures do more of the talking (a tour of Roost).. hehe..


When was the last time you saw this kind of old TV set??


They even sold some of the items they displayed..


An ABBA record..


A vintage shop,

it sold stuff that you could only find in the 60’s and 70’s..


This is funny.. :D

IMGP5250 IMGP5251

The wall had a mural of a train tunnel..


Our drinks.. Yes, its in a small bucket.. haha..

Like the one you use for building sand castles..


Ms. Foodie..




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great one! i can see some antique stuff here! like the mini colorful tiles! =)

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