Sunday, September 13, 2009

Master Steamboat..

Hey guys,

On Friday night, my family and I had dinner with Davin & Michelle at a steamboat restaurant (Master Steamboat) nearby my house.. The food was pretty good for me (rating 7.5/10 for steamboat restaurants).. The restaurant marinated the meats and fishes very well.. Plus they got almost everything there.. All sorts of meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs etc..


Master Steamboat..

Not to mention the variety of delicious sauces, there are about 6 – 7 kinds.. I dip almost everything in the satay sauce.. Yes, the sauce was that nice.. Well the fellowship was even better.. :D


Michelle & Hebron, my little brother.. Cant call him little anymore.. hehe.. Younger brother.. :)


Davin & Hebron..


The restaurant was packed when we got there and we managed to get a table enough to fit the 7 of us.. We ate and we ate and we ate for 2 hours plus.. That’s normal if you’re eating steamboat I guess.. The steamboat was reasonably cheap as well, RM 18 per person only..



My favorite was the barbeque pork..


That’s the most you can get out of a smile from my dad.. hehe..

Directions :

Somewhere along the Jalan Utama 45 road..

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Dropping by. Have a nice day!

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TZ said...

Dude, where is this restaurant?

wenn said...

wow..all in a family for a steamboat..good..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

TZ : hey, I've uploaded the directions to that shop.. It's in JB btw.. hehe..

Wenn : yup2.. the fellowship was good..