Friday, September 18, 2009

Gamer Review..

Hey friends,

The movie was ok for RM 6 but if it was any more expensive then that I would honestly say, don’t bother watching it.. The only reason I watched it is because the movie was at 11.30 in the morning and only RM 6 (early bird).. Just imagine me saying, thank God it was RM 6 and not any more when the movie was over.. Now when I come to think of it, Gamer is not even worth the RM 6.. What a waste of money.

I give it a rating 2 / 5.. Just because I didn’t leave the cinema and trust me I have done that before in the midst of watching some nonsense movie.. I wouldn’t advice anyone on getting the DVD as well.. I would rather you use the money to get a mcD value meal (it's only 5.95, see even this is cheaper then that).. So for those who want to watch Gamer, please don’t go ahead with it and if you do, don’t tell me I didn’t worn you..

To make things interesting while watching the movie, there was this crazy / weird guy sitting two rows in front of Isaac and me. Well even before the movie began he was already wearing his sun glasses and before he took his seat, he took it off and had a look around the cinema and smiled and put it on again and took his seat..

The cinema was too bright for him I guess.. Half way through the movie he decides to put on his helmet and worst, pulled down the helmet visor.. What’s wrong with you man??.. Maybe he was so into the movie.. By looking at this guy itself, you can imagine how bad the movie was.. Gamer either made him:
1.feel like he was in the movie and he needed to put on his helmet OR
2.become even crazier and mentally retarded (like the sun glasses was not a indication of it??) OR
3.feel so sleepy and he wanted to block out the noise and light so he could take a nap
OR what do you think?? haha..
Well for me I think it would make sense if it was reason no.2.. At least there was something to laugh about in the end when I look back on this few hours which I would never get back..


Gabriel said... interesting experience one...haha...where are u now?

SJ said...

i wanna hold the gun!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)