Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friendly Custom Officers..

Hey you all,

Yes the title refers to Singapore customs officers.. Everyone knows why, cause Malaysian customs doesn't care who passes through.. Apparently they had upgrades which included a whole squad of x ray vision custom officers.. They have the ability to look through vehicles and detect illegal items..

Then again there is virtually nothing that can threaten the country then anything that is already in it.. So now you know why they just look at you and if you’re lucky you’ll get a smile..

Across the causeway they employ slightly different methods such as direct communication (one-to-one basis).. One such incident happened yesterday when I was on the way back from the FINE city with Isaac.

Customs Officer – CO, Me – JO, Isaac- IS

A custom officer walks up to my car.. I puts down the window and Isaac gives the “we DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG look” and passes our passports to him..

CO – Checks my passport and looks in the car at me and says : “John??”..

JO – Resisting all temptation of being sarcastic and replies : “YES”..

These things were running through my mind which I wanted to just say it out loud at that custom officer..

1. I wanted to look around my car and say : “Hurm, Ya.. I don't see anyone else..”

2. “No, he’s John” (pointing to Isaac)..

3. “Yes, the last time I checked.. People still call me John..”

CO – Then he looks at Isaac’s passport and asks.. “Isaac??”..

I was thinking to myself, if he know that I’m John and the only other person in the car with me is Isaac.. They why la??..

IS – “Yes”..

Now here are some great comebacks Isaac thought of while the custom’s officer was asking him a stupid question ..

1. “Maybe..”

2. “OMG.. You can read..”

3. Reads custom officers nametag and says : “Zainal??”..

When he handed us our passports I closed the window and we laughed (if I could roll on the floor while laughing I would have..) our way back to Malaysia.. Mine you this took place while we were queuing up before the customs checkpoint.. hehe..



SJ said...

i love to be surrounded with frendly ppl! =)

wenn said...

thank god it went smoothly..

kenwooi said...

lol.. he's learning how to read names.. =P

you should have done the "Zainal???" haha..

Charlz said...

2. “OMG.. You can read..”

3. Reads custom officers nametag and says : “Zainal??”..

WAHAHAHHA!!! OMG This is hillarious!! XD

btw what's isaac doing there?? he should be working same company with me rite??? XO

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

Charles : It's not Isaac Wong, its Isaac Neto my friend studying in Sing.. hehe..

Ken & Charles : Ya, I should have use one of those lines.. but didn't want to get in trouble for anything.. haha..