Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey guys,

This is a continuation of my previous post, Installing Love.. Think of this as a service pack 2 for it like an upgrade.. hehe.. One key thing I could extract from that story (Installing Love) was that we must to be able to forgive in order to allow love to operate in our lives.. So..

How do you receive Forgiveness?? How can you allow forgiveness into your life?? Well the 1st step is by being able to separate the sin from the sinner.. Separate the person from what he/she has done and forgive that person.. :D The next step is easier said then done.. This 2nd step involves accepting that person..

1st of all, not many would be able to to forgive that person and what more accepting that person in life.. Not many of you reading this would understand what I’m trying to get at but think of how many people you can’t forgive or find it so hard to forgive and worst of all, not being able to let go of the bitterness you feel towards that person in your life..

Think of how these grudges hold you back from growing and moving on in life.. Solution?? If you have understood what I wrote till here then you know what the solution is.. But for those who cant understand, let it remain a mystery and you would understand when it’s your time ..


wenn said...

let's forgive and forget..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

Wenn : yup2.. hope people can do that lor.. :)