Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facebook or the Authorities??..

Hey again,

Today evening I heard a shocking news on the radio, FLY FM to be more specific.. It was about 2 girls who were stuck or got lost in a drain and though that it was smart/cool to update their status on FACEBOOK instead of alerting the authorities.. Read these few news articles regarding this story.. What’s your comment on this??

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Now children are learning the wrong things.. What about the common and rational things that you should do in case of an emergency?? Where did all these good teaching go to?? Calling the police when burglars break into your house, don't tell me you’re going to update your status on FB about this as well.. What are you going to put up on FB??


What if there’s a fire at your house or your neighbors house?? What are you going to put up on FB then??


It would make sense to me if you would update your status after you have called the authorities or even your parents or something.. So which one are you.. Would you update your status or call the authorities first?? haha..



MJ said...

Tats really dumb wei.. what if no1 was on9? tis ppl r crazy.. I really agree tat they should have contacted the authorities straight. There is a certain limit on what should be communicated in Fb.. Tis kinda emergencies should be directed straight to the authorities instead of fb.

Joanne Chan said...

They might be too addicted to FB ...

Btw, those 'updates that you post on your FB' are funny ... hope noone is going to update FB before they save themselves.

Jim said...

lol the newer, smarter generation. ><

wenn said...

new generation has new ideas..

Charlz said...

does not enjoy being raped in her own room now.. can someone please3 call the police to help me :(

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Merissa K. said...

hahahahahaha. thats just hilarious yo.

though im pretty sure if i were stuck in a drain somewhere and updated my FB, no one would believe me anyway. tsk.

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

MJ : if no one was online, then they will be stuck there like forever.. hehe..

Joanne : after this incident being in the newspapers.. I wouldn't be surprise if ppl were to update their status.. Could eventually be like the boy who cried wolf.. hehe..

Jim & Wenn : yea.. too smart for their own good.. haha..

Charles : Comment: ok sure.. hahaha..

Tasha : yup2.. I think so.. People will just comment on it.. Tasha, what if you updated your blog on it??