Saturday, September 19, 2009

Call It What You Want..

Hey guy/girls,

One is not enough and neither are two..

Three is just unfair and some people need four..

Just to fulfill all their needs..










By the way, I'm talking about Singaporeans and shopping carts.. What were you thinking about huh??..

Another distinct way to differentiate Singaporeans from Malaysians is when you’re in a shopping mall and you can spot a group of people together and all of them are in shorts and also carrying backpacks.. Well they are most probably 95% positive for being Singaporeans.. A part from the most obvious, chirping that everything is cheap.. So well they you go weird ways of observing people but try it next time.. Haha..

No disrespect to Singaporeans but “if the shoe fits” right?? or “sape makan cili dia rasa pedasnya” (who eats the chili, they will feel the spicy) – literal translation for those Singaporeans who don’t understand it. :D Sorry again.. hehe.. :D

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Anonymous said...

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