Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Weeks..

Hey guys,


Just to let you guys know, Inarm is going to have a baby.. Now the fetus is like 10 weeks old.. hehe.. Cool right.. I think she’s the first among our batch to marry and soon a baby.. I’m happy for you Inarm.. :)



Charlz said...

wow john.. where did u get the pic of inarm's baby?? :P hahahhaaha

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

what you think Charles?? hehe.. That not her fetus la.. I googled that pic.. Inarm had a picture on her gtalk but it not her's.. haha..

shera usagi said...

haha.. i thought inarm gave you the ultrasound scan pic of her baby.. ish2~~

Inarm said...

hey guys,

once i got any ultrasound scan i will give to john :P... just to let u guy know once i am deliver my kid u all will be aunty already hahaha :)
miss ya all