Friday, August 21, 2009

Who’s on your Facebook??..

Hey you all,

I was reading Jim’s blog yesterday and came across this.. Here is something to laugh about, I think.. Is it funny or just plain stupid?? For me, I just went OMG, what a crazy person.. haha..


How could you possibly write that and not expect your boss to see it.. haih.. So just a reminder to all out there.. Do you guys know who’s on your facebook or who read’s your blog for that matter??.. For me, I got no idea wei.. I’ve just added people who I’ve talked to or even just meet for a few times.. Be aware what you post on your facebook and also your blog.. haha..


izza` said...

I'm in total agreement. I think the list of people i ignored friend requests are more than those in my friend list. its annoying that some ppl simply wana add ppl to make him/herself look popular or hv a well network of friends. pathetic ppl (-_-!)

& LOL, thats a funny one! xnak add colleagues in fb :P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. I most probably wont ever add my boss or accept lor.. Scary shit man.. haha.. Da la I'm the type who would put "Cant wait to go home, work sucks".. haha..

Lily Tan said...

omg! this is just soo OMG! facebook can be so "transformative" to put someone in a high and low if you're emotional. haha

Hannah said...

OMG.. sooo not gonna add my boss n colleagues @fb.. just friends.. hahaha, should not make the statement public tho..

Jim said...

lol i do have my ex boss in my list. ><

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. funny kan..