Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Terrible Sore Throat..

Hey Guys,

SORE THROAT are an irritating pain, just because you got to watch what you eat and when you can eat something it’s so painful man.. On top of that, add ULCERS to that.. Just imagine having a terrible sore throat and 4 ulcers at the same time..

Some advised to “Drink more water”, “Gargle your mouth with salt water” and “Eat some lozenges”, and so I did.. Well I even went a bit further then that.. I took a pinch of salt and put it on my ulcers straight.. I thought it was going 2 be agonizingly painful or something but it wasn't at all.. What I couldn't stand was having to taste all of that salt in my mouth..

I was looking forward on returning to JB this week, just to be able to have some rest after a hectic and tiring week away plus I was down with a flu, fever, cough, sore throat and ulcers since last Thursday.. I also thought that returning to JB meant I could have some good food again (Mom’s cooking & Bazaar Ramadan).. The food was kind of miserable for me this pass week.. haha.. Now anytime I swallow anything, it brings more pain then joy from any good food I eat.. Maybe ONLY Golok’s Thai food would be worth the pain.. haha..

On the bright side, I have no more coughs or fever or flu.. I googled “How to cure a sore throat” and the only new solution from what people told me was to “take a spoon full of honey and lemon”.. I guess I’ll try this tomorrow.. On another note, all the best to those who are starting work with Petronas tomorrow.. To Charles, Izza & Xiao Qi & others, I kind of forgot who else was staring tomorrow but you guys know who you are la.. hehe..

Oh before I forget, I want to wish NABBIHA @ ANNE (my dear Hang Tuah neighbor) a HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY.. hehe.. May you have a blessed and joyous birthday.. And cheers to many more birthdays to come.. Lastly good night everyone and I’m of to bed now..:D These are the pictures I could find of Anne in it.. haha.. Maybe I have it some where in my comp but I’m lazy to search for it now.. So here you go..

ICTBIS Jan05 pic 1 IMG_2403


Livvy said...

get well soon bro :)

syaima' said...

batuk? alalala. sian nye dia~ :)

get well soon yep john`~

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks girls.. yup2.. getting better.. :)