Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kuala Krai & Golok Trip..

Hey guys and girls,

For this past 2 months, my time has been filled with some fun and exciting trips.. First was my trip to Kuala Krai and Golok.. Then the following week to Bangkok.. I’ll leave blogging about Bangkok trip another time.. hehe..

This Kuala Krai trip was some sort of a last minute thing for me.. I went on this trip with my pastor, his wife and Sharon.. So the four of us went by train and the journey took about half a day.. We left on a Tuesday night from JB around 7pm and reached Kuala Krai at 7am the next morning..

After 12 hours on the train, the most obvious thing we did when we reach was to go for breakfast.. hehe.. We had breakfast at “Restaurant Pantai Panjang” I think.. The restaurant was like 2 mins drive away from the train station.. The food was rather simple but it taste so good man.. They just served white rice, fried chicken, some curry and sambal belacan.. I enjoy it and had 2nd helping as well.. hehe..

Well then we settled down and after lunch we headed for the Kuala Krai market.. The market sold fruits and mostly clothes la.. The clothes were rather cheap and I bough some.. It was only RM 10.. haha.. Then the next we just lepak at home only till dinner.. We had dinner at some warung.. It was 11 and I would say that Kuala Krai is like ghost town after 9 or 10pm.. You literally sleep on the road and no cars would pass by.. haha.. The dinner was superb, being able to taste Malay-Thai cooking..

One of the thing which I rather enjoyed was the very peaceful and quite surrounding there.. Not to mention the people there were very kind and hospitable.. Just imagine, someone would just come up to you and start a conversation.. Asking how are you, where your from, bla bla bla.. and before you know it you be like good friends with that guy.. haha..


The mosque had a mix of a temple, it looks nice rite..

For the second day, we decided last minute to take a short trip to Golok, which is in Thailand.. Yes, we needed our passport for that.. The one thing I was looking forward from this Golok trip was the Thai food there.. I was most certainly not disappointed at all.. That was by far the best Thai food I’ve ever tasted in my life so far.. Then at night we had a special service in church.. If anyone decides to go to Golok, you guys should try out the food at Genting Hotel, Golok..



Appa & Amma..


Thailand.. :)


Sharon was too shy to take pictures as you can see.. haha..


On the last day in Kuala Krai, we were in church with the Kuala Krai youths, playing games and getting to know each other a bit better.. At night we had, the usual Friday night service in church.. At the end of the service, we rushed to the train station to catch our train back to JB.. hehe..

IMGP4422Thanks too all in Kuala Krai who cooked for us.. The food was just awesome man..

This Kuala Krai trip was kind of fun for me, the last time I was there I was 16 years old I think.. That trip also was for a football tournament.. hehe.. So I wasn't able to experience much there.. This trip I enjoyed the peaceful environment there and the FOOD but I don't think I would stay there man.. I will be kind of bored man if I were to stay or settle down there.. hehe..

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