Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Convocation Week Part 1..

Hey you all,

As promised,convocation update.. MY CONVOCATION WEEK started a week before the big day.. I started my journey up to UTP on Sunday but only arrived on Thursday.. haha.. Quite a long journey right, It took me few days to reach but the journey was fun.. Singgah sini, singgah sana.. Well I could do this cause I’m currently jobless and doing nothing at home.. I’m still waiting for my placement from Petronas.. Hope it comes soon.. :D So what better way to kill time..

Sunday – Left for Kluang, spent the night at Mich’s place..

Monday – Towards evening I left for KL and hanged out with Joel and Joanna.. Played futsal with some old friends.. Then had supper at Taman Paramount is which famous for their Nasi Lemak (better known as MAYBANK NASI LEMAK)..


Joel’s new hair cut.. haha..


Maybank Nasi Lemak

Location : Next to Maybank Taman Paramount

Tuesday – That morning I had to repair my car.. I encounter some problem with my wiper on the way up.. It was raining heavy and the thing just stop working.. Thank God I could still see the road and drive.. Plus I was driving pretty slow all the way up to KL.. It took me almost 2 hours to reach KJ from Seremban.. Then after lunch, I drove up to Ipoh.. Well that’s was the original plan but got sidetracked a bit and ended up at....


JJU’s wiper just decided to go the extra mile.. hehe..


Chicken Rice for lunch..

Went to UNISEL to visit my cousin Luke.. OMG, the road leading to UNISEL was horrible man.. The environment there was worst then UTP.. haha.. So people in UTP, you got things better then some other uni out there.. What I’m trying to say, is just to be grateful.. hehe.. Then had dinner with Luke and his friend and off to Ipoh.. I spent a few days at my uncle’s place..


Gila Old School Petrol Station..

I even had time to catch a late night movie with my cousin, Kevin.. We watched PROPOSAL.. The movie was nice and funny.. I give it a 3.4/5 rating.. hehe.. Had SUP LEMBU & MIX FRUIT for supper at “Tung Sui Kai”, near Ipoh Parade there.. Haven't had those for some time dy.. Kinda miss Ipoh food.. haha..


Yummy Sup Lembu..

Wednesday – Woke up quite late and I forgot what I actually did.. I guess I was just lazing around at home until night.. Since it was movie day, Kevin and I decided to watch another movie.. I ended up watching SETEM.. I know, I watched Setem for the second time.. Well the movie was very very funny for me and best described by saying that “Setem is like Malaysia’s Ocean Eleven..” The movie for me was rather cool and original.. I give it a 3.6/5 rating..

Thursday – Drove up to UTP with Charles..Well I’ll keep the stories that follow for my next post.. I’m kinda tired now and wana hit the bed dy.. :P I had an awesome convocation.. :D


syaima' said...

u owe me stories john. ehehe

btw. cpat post update for graduation ni. mcm stories before smpi utp jek.

boring la sbb i xde~ ahaha :P

all the best u. hope to get good news from u soon`~


John Emmanuel Edmund said...

stories? bkn ka i da ckp that day?

boring cause u not in it?? ye la tu.. hehe..

da update da.. your pics ade la gak.. kinda hard not to put your face cause most it ade.. haha..