Friday, August 21, 2009

Convocation Week Part 3..

Hey guys,

It was a Saturday morning and everyone had woken up early as planned to have our own photo shoot.. Another Muggles photo shot.. Chancellor Hall became our location for it.. Well we didn't want to wear our robes and got it smelly before the big day.. It took some time before all of us were in our robes.. Thank God there were a few who paid attention in the rehearsal on how to wear the scarf.. I had to change my robe cause it was to short for me.. Weird right hearing this statement.. I got a new pair which fit me perfectly and so did Charles and Azam..


Then after the photo shot, I drove down to Ipoh to meet up with my family and wanted to take a studio picture of my family and I.. But before that my parents wanted to go to Jusco (to get something me..) They were not doing such a good job of hiding it from me but never mind I played along and walk around with my brother and cousin.. haha..

DSC_3327 DSC_3331




Special thanks to Ridu for being our photographer.. :)

After which we rushed back to my uncle’s place and got ready to take our studio pictures.. Well I had to attend the Convocation Dinner at 8 and the time showed 630 I was still at my uncle’s place getting ready.. We manage to find a studio which wasn't full, most off the studios were fully booked.. Before that I went to a studio called Castle or something like that and found Diane there with her family dy choosing the package they wanted.. haha.. I had no time to wait..

DSC06653 DSC06661

The pictures are blurry I think..

Cant wait to get the studio pictures..

Before leaving, I was joined with Charles and his family.. Charles and I took a picture together too (still sempat right.. Don't have the pictures yet..) haha.. Then rushed off to UTP.. I manage to reach UTP in time, and didn't miss much of anything.. The food was just below average but the performances especially the one performed by the UTP dances were great man.. I also enjoyed Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speech very much.. As you can see my picture below.. Charles and I glued to the screen.. haha..


Our Chancellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir..


Charles & I..

The hall and the food..


There were some people from our batch performing..

Puvi, Oyenks & Firdaus..


Me, Assad, Javier & Charles..


The girls..


Me, Azam & Charles..


Charles, Thayalan & Me..


Myself & Syaima..




Picture with Ms. Khalidah..

(The lecturer who taught us the most subjects)..


One thing I'll never forget about that night is the montage presentation.. OMG, I think more then half of it had Muggles pictures.. Everyone knew us after that man.. Even Ms. Ena recognized us by the montage, “I remember you guys, your pictures were all in the montage”.. haha.. I guess that's all for now.. Want to continue watching “So You Think You Can Dance Season 5”.. Last Part on my Convocation Day coming up soon..


syaima' said...

i think ur blog saje yg ada byk part of convo's post. ehehe

gud gud john`~


[lg2 bila ada pic i. ahaha]

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

of course.. :D hehe.. I guess I'm just one of the people who just got nothing to do at home..