Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Convocation Week Part 2..

Hey again,

Now I’ll continue where I left off.. Well on Thursday, I drove back to UTP and picked up Charles on the way from Medan Gopeng.. Straight away the both of us went to collect our convocation robes, mortar boards etc.. Then chilled out at Robert’s and Kajen’s room.. Charles and I actually bunked there for few days.. Thanks again guys for letting us hang out there.. :D So what did I do on Thursday?? Click here (blogged about it dy).. Here are some pictures.. hehe..

The next day, Friday.. It was 7am and the MIC gang and I still haven’t slept yet.. I just got ready and went for the 1st thing we had to do that day.. What we did that night? Chit chat and..


DSC_2983 DSC_2985

blowing bubbles.. hehe..

All of us was suppose to be at the Chancellor Hall at 830am to watch the Rector’s Award.. Ready to go and all, then I found out that we couldn’t enter without formal wear.. Knowing me, lazy gila to iron and change all, plus I wont be seen in rumple shirts ever.. No way.. haha.. Then we decided to go for breakfast instead to kill time before the convocation rehearsal at 10.30am.. DSC_2995

Azam, Me & Charles..

At breakfast I got to know that I won an award.. oh man.. I wasn't there to receive it some more.. The others who were there got a phone call and email stating that they were suppose to attend the event.. Obviously I didn't get the news, looking that I was in the midst of finishing my nasi lemak.. haha.. I got Silver for the Rector’s Award.. Cool man.. I’m so so happy and grateful for it, my participation in club and sport activities through my uni life paid off, literally as well.. hehe.. It was sad and funny when I come to think of it again, that I wasn’t able to be there to receive it.. haha..

DSC_3008 BIS & ICT..

DSC_3010Queuing up also posing..

DSC_3058Rehearsal was just boring..

DSC_3060See what happens??..




Melissa & Xiao Qi..

DSC_3083 Izza & Me..

Both got Silver for Rector’s Award.. hehe..

After rehearsal, we had our Muggles outing.. Our initial plan was to go for bowling at IP but the bowling alley was fully booked till 11pm.. haha.. We just jln2 around till it was time for dinner.. We had our dinner at David’s Dinner.. Let the pictures do the more of talking from now.. hehe..











Dinner was awesome not only because of the food but the company I was with.. Next we were headed back to UTP to visit the Convo Square.. For me the Convo Square was quite boring la.. Nothing to do there man but I was able to meet up old friends.. hehe.. All in all it was a fun, funny and happy day.. That’s all for now.. Part 3 coming soon.. haha..


Convo Square..




Merissa K. said...

its a bit stupid to wish you congrats here, when i couldve done so kat convosquare but i didnt bump into you,so oh hell.

congrats john. :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks tasha..

ya lor.. wanted to meet so many ppl that day.. just x sempat..