Thursday, August 6, 2009

Convocation Dinner, to Attend or Not??..


I finally made all the necessary payment for my convocation.. All together it cost RM120.. RM20 for Alumni, RM50 for the convocation ceremony and RM50 for convocation dinner.. Before this, I wasn't that keen on going for the convocation dinner.. I thought of having a private dinner with friends at some cozy restaurant.. Maybe this can still happen, anyone on for it??.. haha..

Because I was telling the Muggles, I’ll follow the majority decision.. It wouldn't be fun at all if your friends weren't there with you rite?? Or the other way around.. So, finding myself outnumbered and one thing is for sure now.. I’ll be attending the convocation dinner.. hehe.. MUGGLES who haven't register and pay for the dinner please do so fast..

Hope the event is a blast.. Well I’ll be there with my friends and that for sure is the best part of everything.. PICTURES and more PICTURES!!.. :D Hope the food and performances are good, that will be like a bonus on that night I guess.. haha.. There are like 500 seats more I think..



izza` said...


glad u're outnumbered :P

ay. can stil plan for our own private dinner outside oso. friday nite probly? sunday nite i'll be spending time with my parents.

syaima' said...


yeay jgk sbb john kalah~~

jom. mapley n gossiping session??

ok la tu kan. even tho bkn kat indulgence. ehe

Charlz said...

yeeeeeha!!! X)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

ya, most probably mamak session lor.. hehe.. like old times..

Friday night? hurm.. kena la discuss with the rest.. hehe..

Hannah said...

If mapley or indulgence friday nyte on je! hahaha.. i want.. gossiping, stories and stuff.. can't wait to see u guys~`