Monday, August 3, 2009

Being an Uncle..

Hey guys,

Today I went for a “Baby Naming Ceremony”, I think that’s what it’s called.. I though the ceremony was some sort like a thanks giving dinner for their new born baby.. My cousin, Gantha gave birth to a baby girl some where around 2 week ago.. Siva and Gantha (the baby’s parents) named her Diya Sonya.. Here are some pictures.. hehe.. For all of us cousins, Diya is the 1st niece we have.. Some how to hear myself being called an Uncle is kinda weird but soon or later is going to happen rite?? But there’s like a few more years till Diya grows up.. hehe..


Diya Sonya..


She and her mom.. They look a like don't they??..


With my cousins and aunts at the ceremony..


izza` said...

eeek cute nye!!! somemore pandai smiling lagi! *tarik pipi Diya panjang2. or do they call Sonya rather? :D

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

they call her Diya je..

tau kan she's so cute kan.. and ya she like to pose at the cam wei.. haha..

Hannah said...

congrats john, dpt cute niece.. hehe~ chummill2~