Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy “Merdeka” Malaysia!!

Hey everyone,

A short post, just to wish everyone in MALAYSIA a “HAPPY MERDEKA”.. Malaysia has enjoyed 52 years of independence and look how far Malaysia has develop since 31 August 1957..

PS: Just for those who don’t know.. Today’s 31st which means 31% off at Baskin Robbins.. Actually, the offer was also valid today (30th, Merdeka promotion it seems.. Lucky me..) when I went to Baskin Robbins..

That's all for now.. Will update you guys on what I’ve been up to for the last one week (MIA for a week..) .. hehe.. Nights you all..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Convocation Day..

Hey you all,

I’m finally here.. MY CONVOCATION DAY post.. haha.. After few days of blogging on the days leading up to this special event.. That morning (2am) I was feeling both excited and anxious for the most memorable moment in my life to come.. I checked my robe, suit, tie and everything and made sure everything was perfectly in order.. haha.. Forced myself to sleep and woke up around 630.. Got ready, then Charles and I were of to pocket D, the place we’re suppose to gather before we walk in the hall..

I got my number (still remember I’m no 498) and got in line with everyone else.. I even got some help from June to pin my scarf to my robe.. By 830, we were walking towards the hall in our respective lines.. The moment was getting closer and closer now.. Even so, we still had time to take pictures.. hehe..




ME, Isaac, Elvina, Ling Hui, Chee Yong & Assad..


Then we made our way in the hall, I was turning left and right to find where my parents were sitting but I couldn't find them until the end.. haha.. All the lecturers, honored guess and lastly our chancellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir walked in and took their seats.. The event went on smoothly and I was beginning to feel restless awaiting for my turn.. Kinda long to wait when your no is 498..


I know my specs looks a bit weird here..

Finally I walk down and lined up beside the stage.. Someone was there to help us in some last minute checking so that we would look perfect on stage.. Ling Hui, Elvina and I was nervous a bit (I got no idea why) and was practicing a bit on receiving the scroll and what to say.. haha..

Next I walked up and stood beside Dr. Kamil (Head Dept of ICT) on the stage and gave him a piece of paper with my name on it.. Dr. Kamil announced “John Emmanuel Edmund” and I walk toward Tun controlling macho and all.. haha.. Accepted the scroll and said “thank you Tun”.. Gila ar, just imagine the whole hall was watching you.. I’m yet to get those pictures of me on stage.. Yeah!! It’s done.. Woohoo!! I’m shouting to my self as I walk down the stage..

Walked back to my seat, watched the remaining friends take their scroll.. Then the prize giving of The Chancellor’s Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold) followed by a speech from the Chancellor Gold Award recipient.. Then some ceremonial stuff and lastly singing of our national anthem, NegaraKu.. Walk out the hall, meet my parents and they congratulated, gave me a card and some gifts.. I was so happy happy gila.. What happen next are all explained by the pictures below.. hehe..


My parents & I..


Mich’s Family..


Yew Jinn, Me, Jack,Felix, June & Mich..


Felix & I..


Me & Jack..


Teik Hui, Me & Kelvin..


Tirza & I..


Hann & I..


Charles, Hannah & Me..


Me, Nisha, Mich, Siver, Davin & Punitha..


Mich, Stella & Me..


Me & Xiao Qi..


Hanif & I..

DSC_3466DSC_3438 Grace, Sean (Mone), Alex, Davin, Chang Yung, June & Jon, James (not in the picture)..

Sorry don't have more pictures of others.. Please email me our pictures if you guys see yourself not here.. hahaha.. 1st I thank God for what he’s done and without him none of this is possible.. Then thanks to all who made time and effort to come for this special memorable once in a life time occasion.. hehe.. Special thanks to my parents for every single thing that you’ve done in my life.. Most definitely couldn't have achieve it without your love & support.. Same goes to all my friends out there, Muggles, MIC & BFF’s.. Thanks to all the KDC members as well for traveling all the way from KL.. Appreciate it so much you guys.. :D

Happy Fasting..

Hey guys,

Just want to wish all my Muslim friends, a HAPPY month of FASTING.. Well as most of you know, I’m looking forward to the Bazaar Ramadhan.. I just cant wait to taste those yummy food which now I can get so easily in this fasting month.. I already know what I’m going to get tomorrow evening.. :D hehe..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Who’s on your Facebook??..

Hey you all,

I was reading Jim’s blog yesterday and came across this.. Here is something to laugh about, I think.. Is it funny or just plain stupid?? For me, I just went OMG, what a crazy person.. haha..


How could you possibly write that and not expect your boss to see it.. haih.. So just a reminder to all out there.. Do you guys know who’s on your facebook or who read’s your blog for that matter??.. For me, I got no idea wei.. I’ve just added people who I’ve talked to or even just meet for a few times.. Be aware what you post on your facebook and also your blog.. haha..

Convocation Week Part 3..

Hey guys,

It was a Saturday morning and everyone had woken up early as planned to have our own photo shoot.. Another Muggles photo shot.. Chancellor Hall became our location for it.. Well we didn't want to wear our robes and got it smelly before the big day.. It took some time before all of us were in our robes.. Thank God there were a few who paid attention in the rehearsal on how to wear the scarf.. I had to change my robe cause it was to short for me.. Weird right hearing this statement.. I got a new pair which fit me perfectly and so did Charles and Azam..


Then after the photo shot, I drove down to Ipoh to meet up with my family and wanted to take a studio picture of my family and I.. But before that my parents wanted to go to Jusco (to get something me..) They were not doing such a good job of hiding it from me but never mind I played along and walk around with my brother and cousin.. haha..

DSC_3327 DSC_3331




Special thanks to Ridu for being our photographer.. :)

After which we rushed back to my uncle’s place and got ready to take our studio pictures.. Well I had to attend the Convocation Dinner at 8 and the time showed 630 I was still at my uncle’s place getting ready.. We manage to find a studio which wasn't full, most off the studios were fully booked.. Before that I went to a studio called Castle or something like that and found Diane there with her family dy choosing the package they wanted.. haha.. I had no time to wait..

DSC06653 DSC06661

The pictures are blurry I think..

Cant wait to get the studio pictures..

Before leaving, I was joined with Charles and his family.. Charles and I took a picture together too (still sempat right.. Don't have the pictures yet..) haha.. Then rushed off to UTP.. I manage to reach UTP in time, and didn't miss much of anything.. The food was just below average but the performances especially the one performed by the UTP dances were great man.. I also enjoyed Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speech very much.. As you can see my picture below.. Charles and I glued to the screen.. haha..


Our Chancellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir..


Charles & I..

The hall and the food..


There were some people from our batch performing..

Puvi, Oyenks & Firdaus..


Me, Assad, Javier & Charles..


The girls..


Me, Azam & Charles..


Charles, Thayalan & Me..


Myself & Syaima..




Picture with Ms. Khalidah..

(The lecturer who taught us the most subjects)..


One thing I'll never forget about that night is the montage presentation.. OMG, I think more then half of it had Muggles pictures.. Everyone knew us after that man.. Even Ms. Ena recognized us by the montage, “I remember you guys, your pictures were all in the montage”.. haha.. I guess that's all for now.. Want to continue watching “So You Think You Can Dance Season 5”.. Last Part on my Convocation Day coming up soon..