Friday, July 31, 2009

UTP Closed..

Hey guys,

I just got to know that UTP will be closed for a week.. And there I was, thinking of going back there next week till my convocation (I will repeat it again, MY CONVOCATION.. WOOHOO!!..) It like 2 weeks away only.. :) But looks like my plans have changed but never mind, I’ll go back when UTP reopens.. hehe..

What a relief for UTP students I guess.. They must be so happy.. Not having to go to class and all..


Raymond said...

we're not happy at all!! we're stuck in this birdie-nest place and we can't go back!! what a shitty one-week holiday... >_<

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

lor.. kesian those who cant go back man.. But who ever is sick, hope they get well soon.. :)