Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Singapore Trip..


Sharon, Isaac, Mich and I had a trip to Singapore few weeks back.. What was our plan that day?? We didn't have any plan and decided to go with the flow.. haha.. I think most great plans are created when we don’t plan and do things spontaneously.. Most of you might agree with me?? hehe..

Before that, how we came about this Singapore trip.. Few days before that, Sharon, Isaac and I went to Kluang just to eat the original “Railway Roti Bakar”.. I know it sounds crazy right to drive all the way there just to do that.. But what to do, we just love food.. :D Then we meet up with Michele.. We chit chatted for few hours before heading back to JB.. Somehow we decided to have a day trip to Singapore just for fun..

We drove in and just “jalan-jalan” around and most importantly taking pictures everywhere.. haha.. We went to Tiffany & Co to have a look at Mich’s wedding ring.. :D Yes the rings there were just “marvelously awesome”..



Mich admiring her soon coming ring.. haha..


Where do we go for lunch??


We ended up here.. haha.. The burgers here are something different from what we usual have..


The sign no pictures don’t apply to us M’sian.. haha..

Posing2.. :P


Due to the hot weather, we decided to have some “Marvelous” Ice-Cream.. Truly Marvelous..


Some low budget “Grean Tea” ad..


Future photographers of the world.. haha..


Mich and Me, standing by the bridge.. P.O.S.I.N.G..

DSC_9591 DSC_9604

What else??


Random pics here and there.. haha.. Sharon did you literally kiss the lion??


Chilling out at Highlander before dinner..


Dinner at ……. I forgot what’s this place called..


We had lots of fun together and there will be another Singapore trip coming soon.. :D