Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bluetooth Story..

Few days ago, Sharon, Isaac and I were chit chatting and suddenly we remembered the Bluetooth story.. Somehow I thought it was worth sharing the laugh with you guys.. Let’s start from the beginning..

Remember the youth retreat, a month back I think.. Well one of them came up with the greatest concept of Bluetooth you’ll ever come across I guess.. So the teenagers were snapping pictures with each other on that dinner night.. Then later at home before going 2 sleep.. This scene took place : (Enjoy everyone..)

Lets just not name the individuals..

Voldemort : “Hey Higgi, can you send me those pictures ka? While both of them were lying on their beds..”

Higgi : “Just on your bluetooth dude..”

Voldemort : “Ok..”

After a few minutes or so..

Higgi : “Voldemort, you sure you on your Bluetooth dy ka? I cant find your Bluetooth..”

Voldemort : “Ya ya I on it dy..”

Higgi : “Come, let me see your phone..”

Higgi wanted to see Voldemort’s phone's name and what a shock everyone got in the room as they had to hear his response..

Voldemort : “My phone is with my mother..”

Higgi : “LOL..” Laughing out so loud that it would echo until today..

Everyone around Voldemort, broke out in a hysterical laugh.. Just imagine people turning around on the floor kind of laughing..

Voldemort : “Why what happen??” (Voldemort’s face was blur nak mampus, looking around at everyone's faces still didn't know what was everyone laughing about).. Wait wait, we haven reached the climax yet..

Some time later.. 30 mins or so..

Higgi realized that Voldemort sent a sms to his mom, asking her to switch on the phone Bluetooth and his mother even replied by saying, “Ok, I’ve turn it on dy.. What you guys up too over there??”.. Higgi was laughing non stop alone when he read this sms and then shared it with everyone else there..

Mind you, for those who’s reading this and don't know, Voldemort’s parents live some 20 – 30 mins drive away yea..

Voldemort, I wish Bluetooth could be that advanced man, life would be much easier for all of us.. We wouldn’t have to send MMS anymore.. I guess Voldemort saw a potential to improve the Bluetooth technology.. hahaha..

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