Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Wednesday..

I started my day early this morning, waking up at 4am.. Why?? Just to cook.. haha.. I just started some small business of selling breakfast to my brother’s friends in school.. Selling “Nasi Goreng Kampung” and soon “Nasi Lemak”..


My Nasi Goreng Kampung.. haha..

Today was suppose to be a special Wednesday when there was suppose to be a sighting of an Eclipse.. But the weather was so bad today.. It was raining from early morning till afternoon.. Nothing could be seen man.. So, anyone saw the Eclipse?? I don't get it, Why it had to rain at the time the Eclipse was suppose to be seen.. What’s the odds right?? Haih.. How unlucky can I get.. hehe.. I wanted to see it badly..

Watch the video, there's a guy giving his commentary on the Eclipse and it's very funny how he explains whats happening.. Very lucky people, being able to see the full Eclipse.. When's the next one?? In another few hundred years my friends.. Don't hope to be alive to watch it.. haha..

Then later at night, played the usual Wednesday night futsal.. Tomorrow, I wont be cooking but I still need to wake up early to send my brothers to school.. Home duty – driver to send everyone everywhere.. hehe..

Most of you must be wondering, where’s the Kuala Krai,Golok and Bangkok Trip updates?? Soon I guess when I get the pictures.. hehe.. So that’s all for now..


izza` said...

damn funny la the guy taking video! omg..! XD n gosh, the eclipse was fast! boy they are lucky!!

n btw. John, u're really cooking!? OMG... salute u la man. John waking up at 4am summore!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yes I'm really cooking.. hehe.. not something out of the ordinary when I am at home.. always kot masak.. hehe.. everything is in the kitchen..

funny kan that guy.. haha..

WebSphere Guy said...

what do you put in ur nasi goreng?

Hannah said...

wahh.. sgt kagom~ john masak.. we want to taste also, mesti cdap!.. hehe.. urghh, kt penang pown xle tgk dat eclipse.. mendung then rainy a bit.. yerp2, i dun think we will be alive to watch another eclipse.

xox `Lyng` xox said...

omgosh hungry!

Charlz said...

damn funny la the fella telling us the changes.. wth~ abit too overexcited XD but damn we dun get to experience it >.<

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

philip: dude.. u really wana know? hehe..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

charles: ya lor.. very unlucky man we cant witness it.. haih.. but we got to c on the video.. funny rite.. haha..

Charlz said...

john, i just realized ur nasi goreng kampung macam nasi goreng cina only? :P